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Pre-requisite to Configure Remote Desktop Gateway Domain Controller Install AD CS & RD Gateway on the member of Domain Controller .RD Client join into Domain Controller.


APRIL: RD GATEWAY(member server of

BAREK PC: RD CLIENT(join into domain

Remote Deskstop Gateway :A Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway ) server is a type of gateway that enables authorized users to connect to remote computers on a corporate network from any computer with an internet connection. RD Gateway uses the Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP) along with the HTTPS protocol to help to create a more secure, encrypted connection. A gateway is any computer that connects two networks that use different network protocol. A gateway reformats information from one network so that its compatible with the other network

Install the Active Directory Certificate Services Role on April

Open Server ManagerManage Add Roles and Features Select Active Directory Certificate Services and then Next.

Select Certification Authority to install for Active Directory Certificate Services

Select Enterprise Root CA Create a new private key Write a common name for this CA

Select validity period for the certificate generated for this CA

To install the following roles, roles services or feature , click install and completing the install process then close.

ON APRIL Open Server Manager Roles Add Roles Select Remote Desktop Services and then Next.

Select Remote Desktop Gateway for Remote Desktop Services and then Next

Now create a self-signed certificate for SSL encryption and then Next.

Enter a name for the RD CAP and select password and then Next.

Enter a name for the RD RAP and allow users to connect to computers on the network and then Next.

To install the following roles, role services or features then click install

After completing the installation process and then close.

ON APRIL click Run then write mmc and click ok.

Click on File and click Add/Remove Snap-in

Select Certificate and ok.

Select Computer component and local computer

Expand Personal Certificate select CA All Tasks Export Save the window.

Specify the name of the file that we want to export.

Completing the Certificate Export Wizard then click Finish.

Now right on cert and click share with.

Now Add Everyone with Read/Write permission and click Share and Done.

ON SERVER2008DC click Run then write mmc and ok.

Expand Trusted Root Certificate Certificates All Tasks Import

Specify the file that we want to import and then Next

After ensuring the import was successful and then close the window.

ON BAREK PC click Run then write mstsc

Getting the Remote Desktop Connection enter the IP of the RD Gateway Server and Username then connect

Use these RD Gateway server settings and click ok.

After getting this Remote Desktop Connection window and click Yes

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