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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>WELCOME TO MYPRESENTATION</p> <p>Presented by:Name: XID: M-110303031Jagannath University, Dhaka-1100 </p> <p>Presented to:Project Consultant,Networking TechnologyJagannath University, Dhaka-1100</p> <p>Presentation OnDEPLOY AND CONFIGURE REMOTE DESKTOP GATEWAY</p> <p>Pre-requisite to Configure Remote Desktop Gateway Domain Controller Install AD CS &amp; RD Gateway on the member of Domain Controller .RD Client join into Domain Controller.</p> <p>SERVER2008DC: DOMAIN CONTROLLERIP: KHOKSHA.COM</p> <p>APRIL: RD GATEWAY(member server of</p> <p>BAREK PC: RD CLIENT(join into domain</p> <p>Remote Deskstop Gateway :A Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway ) server is a type of gateway that enables authorized users to connect to remote computers on a corporate network from any computer with an internet connection. RD Gateway uses the Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP) along with the HTTPS protocol to help to create a more secure, encrypted connection. A gateway is any computer that connects two networks that use different network protocol. A gateway reformats information from one network so that its compatible with the other network</p> <p>Install the Active Directory Certificate Services Role on April</p> <p>Open Server ManagerManage Add Roles and Features Select Active Directory Certificate Services and then Next.</p> <p>Select Certification Authority to install for Active Directory Certificate Services </p> <p>Select Enterprise Root CA Create a new private key Write a common name for this CA</p> <p>Select validity period for the certificate generated for this CA</p> <p>To install the following roles, roles services or feature , click install and completing the install process then close.</p> <p>ON APRIL Open Server Manager Roles Add Roles Select Remote Desktop Services and then Next.</p> <p>Select Remote Desktop Gateway for Remote Desktop Services and then Next</p> <p>Now create a self-signed certificate for SSL encryption and then Next.</p> <p>Enter a name for the RD CAP and select password and then Next.</p> <p>Enter a name for the RD RAP and allow users to connect to computers on the network and then Next.</p> <p>To install the following roles, role services or features then click install </p> <p>After completing the installation process and then close.</p> <p>ON APRIL click Run then write mmc and click ok.</p> <p>Click on File and click Add/Remove Snap-in</p> <p>Select Certificate and ok.</p> <p>Select Computer component and local computer</p> <p>Expand Personal Certificate select CA All Tasks Export Save the window. </p> <p>Specify the name of the file that we want to export.</p> <p>Completing the Certificate Export Wizard then click Finish.</p> <p>Now right on cert and click share with.</p> <p>Now Add Everyone with Read/Write permission and click Share and Done.</p> <p>ON SERVER2008DC click Run then write mmc and ok.</p> <p>Expand Trusted Root Certificate Certificates All Tasks Import</p> <p>Specify the file that we want to import and then Next</p> <p>After ensuring the import was successful and then close the window.</p> <p>ON BAREK PC click Run then write mstsc </p> <p>Getting the Remote Desktop Connection enter the IP of the RD Gateway Server and Username then connect</p> <p>Use these RD Gateway server settings and click ok.</p> <p> After getting this Remote Desktop Connection window and click Yes</p> <p>Thanks ToAll</p>


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