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Welcome Start to create GPO and Back up GPOWelcomeToOur PresentationPresented ByPresented ToName: XID: M-110303031Jagannath University, Dhaka-1100Project ConsultantNetworking TechnologyJagannath University, Dhaka-1100PresentationonGroup PolicyWhat is Group Policy?Group Policy is an infrastructure that allows us to implement specific configuration to users and computers. Lets have a look how to create a starter GPOStep-1:Open server manger and select Tools menu Group policy managementStep-2:Expand Forest Domains Domain controllerStep-3:Right click on Starter GPO and select new or Create Starter GPOs FolderStep-4:Type new Starter GPO name and click OkStep-5:Right click assignment and select EditStep-6:Expand user configuration Administrative templates Then Select Desktop and required Items from the listStep-7:Double click on Prohibit adding items and select Enable then apply OkStep-8:Double click on prohibit deleting items and select Enable then Apply OKStep-9:Refresh tab of the Group policy management WizardNow we will see how to create a GPO based on starter GPORight click on Group policy objects and select newType name of the New GPO and click down arrow of source Starter GPO for required starter GPONow we will see how to link an existing GPO with Domain controllerRight click domain controller and select link an Exiting GPO and select Group policy objectsWe can see the GPO Link Enable in the following PictureNow we will see the process of creating GPO backup To create GPO Back Up Right click on exiting GPO then click Back upSpecify the locationNow we will see how to restore GPO from GPO backupRight click on a GPO and click on Restore from backupSpecify the location of GPO backup folder Thank You


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