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Disseny Bàsic Vilanova SCAMPER Practice: Eureka. Production of Ideas Vilanova 14 Octubre Disseny Bàsic Vilanova Jaime Carrión Oscar Cornejo Adrià Sánchez Agus Castorina Miguel Fernández Marta Torras

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PowerPoint PresentationVilanova 14 Octubre 2015
¿Quién la creo?
¿En qué se basa?
En el poder de la pregunta como elemento de fomento del pensamiento divergente
½ min
Brief introduction to the life of Llull R.
The more extensive written work produced by a medieval author, written in Catalan, occcità, Latin and Arabic
First author to use other languages besides Latin to convey philosophical, theological and mystical.
First to novel moral and scientific.
Change in the life of Llull R.
Until his thirty he was a married man with two children, courtier and with dissipated life. As a young man he received the education that corresponds to future knight and courtier. At age 14 he became a page at the court of James I; was later preceptor of the future James II of Mallorca and finally became his butler. All these circumstances allowed him to lead an easy life and worldly. Lull himself says that wrote songs troubadour tradition to their lovers.
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