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  • Friday 30th November, 2018

    Message from our Campus Principal - Michelle Reid-Metcalf


    3-12 Dec HEADSTART


    13-14 Dec ACTIVITY DAYS


    30 Jan 2019 TERM 1 BEGINS





    From Monday 3rd December through until Wednesday 12th December, Kurnai College runs its “Headstart” program. During

    this time, all students, including new enrolments and Grade 6 students transitioning into Year 7, go through an orientation into

    their new year level, and commence work for 2019, that will be reported on. A number of testing programs will also be run,

    including subject pre-tests. These pre-tests help teachers shape their planning over the holidays, and students who miss the

    program will significantly impact others’ learning as well as their own.

    It is essential, and expected, that all students will attend throughout this time as it is of course a normal school program.

    Students who do not attend will find themselves behind on their work before the new year even commences.

    On Monday 10th December from 11:30 – 12:30 pm, we will have a small awards ceremony, where students who have topped

    each of the year level subject will be presented with their certificates. All parents and carers are cordially invited to this event.

    Activities Days

    The campus will be running activities days on Thursday 13th and & Friday 14th December. Students should have brought

    home permission forms by now – if not, please check with them, and ask then to obtain a new copy if necessary. Students

    without permission forms returned by the due date will not be permitted to attend.


    Message from Campus Principal continues……..

    Kurnai College Four Pillars

    Engagement: We actively participate in our own learning

    Excellence: We do the best that we can do

    Work Ethic: We are committed to working hard

    Relationships: We value and respect each other

    Building Project

    We confirmed this morning that the new buildings will be ready for us to start classes at the beginning of the 2019 school


    We are meeting with the architects overseeing the next stage this afternoon. Demolition of the remaining science buildings,

    general purpose rooms in F Block, and the Library will commence immediately after New Year, with asbestos removal being

    the first part of this project, as it must be undertaken whilst no-one else is on site.

    College Awards Days

    Our whole College Awards day will be held on Wednesday 19th December. As this is held in the Auditorium at Federation

    University in Churchill, all Morwell students will be transported by bus. Again, permission forms have been distributed –

    please check with your child, and ensure this is returned to the school.

    All parents are again invited to attend this wonderful event.

    Year 10 Formal

    Our Year 10 students have now completed their assessments, and will be celebrating their year at the Formal Dinner this

    evening. There will also be a mini awards ceremony to present KLD awards to this years recipients.


    Year 7 News ……….


    All Year 7’s have recently undergone testing in numeracy and reading. This is just one

    measure that we use to look at student progress and needs. I have met with most

    students so far to feedback to them their growth and their actual ability. For most,

    there are no surprises, but some have identified a need to focus more, work harder

    and try harder in their testing. If you would like to know more about how your child

    has performed, please contact me and I will explain the information.

    Daniel Swallow

    Year 7 Team Leader

    Year 7 is a tough time for students and families as they learn to navigate the way that

    secondary school operates. This time of year is one of the hardest; the uncertainties of

    all the activities and changes makes it hard for students to prepare themselves for the

    week ahead. I am proud of our cohort for the way that they have approached the end of

    Year 7.

    Kurnai College Four Pillars

    Engagement: We actively participate in our own learning

    Excellence: We do the best that we can do

    Work Ethic: We are committed to working hard

    Relationships: We value and respect each other

    Individual Learning Plans

    All students who require an Individual Learning Plan have had their student support group meetings this week. For those

    families who were unable to attend, a copy is in the mail for you to use to participate in your child ’s learning. In each case, the

    students have been key to determining the goals being set. A common theme is the use of the Easy Learning Club as a

    strategy. We strongly recommend this for all students.


    It will be my pleasure to continue working with this cohort in Year 8 in 2019. Our structure will be a little different, and I

    welcome the support of Katherine Carbone and Ross Johnson who will be Assistant Team Leaders for Year 7 and 8 next

    year. Our work together in managing the junior sub school will begin in Headstart so we look forward to connecting with you

    during that time.


    Year 8 News ……….

    College Awards

    The end of the year provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our progress and celebrate those high achievers who work

    endlessly to be the best they can be. It is a great time to recognise students across the college who have performed well

    academically. We encourage all students to reach for the stars in the future.

    Kurnai College Four Pillars

    Engagement: We actively participate in our own learning

    Excellence: We do the best that we can do

    Work Ethic: We are committed to working hard

    Relationships: We value and respect each other

    Kellie Asmussen

    Year 8 Team Leader

    End of Year Preparations

    Students have been advised to clear out their lockers before the commencement of the Headstart Program. Please remind

    your child that any unused pens, pencils, calculators, books and binders need to be saved for next year. Outgrown uniforms

    can also be donated to charity or sold second-hand.

    Celebration Day

    This week students and staff are looking forward to celebrating the end of the year by spending some time with students at

    Victory Park. The scavenger hunt and Jump and Climb activities along with the healthy option lunch will keep us fighting fit and

    ready for the final few weeks of 2018.

    Activity Days

    The Activity Days provide students with a great opportunity to explore some new experiences and learn about teamwork and

    getting along with others. Students will be able to try their hand at fishing and are encouraged to laze around on a towel in

    anticipation for the upcoming holidays.

    What’s coming up at Year 8!


    While many students are beginning to look forward to the holidays, the final hurdle before getting there involves the

    Headstart Program. The program is unique in that it provides students with an idea of what next year will be like. They learn

    about the electives they will have as well as the classes they will be in and the expectations that their future teachers will

    have regarding materials for class. This is the perfect opportunity for them to ask for any changes both for form groups and

    electives. Attendance is compulsory for these reasons as it is meant to lesson the stress and anxiety that a new year can

    sometimes create.

    29 November Celebration Day – Jump and Climb

    3-12 December Headstart Program

    13 December Activity Day – Yallourn North Swimming Pool

    14 December Activity Day – Blue Rock Dam

    19 December College Awards


    Year 9 News from Michelle Reid-Metcalf….

    Clancy Bennett

    Year 9 Team Leader

    This will be the last newsletter article for the current Year 9 students as all Year 9’s will

    move into Year 10 for Headstart.

    In Clancy Bennett’s absence, I will be writing the Year 9 Update for the next few weeks,

    so apologies if it is not as comprehensive as usual.

    Celebration Day

    Our Year 9’s have just arrived back from their celebration day where they have enjoyed laser tag, bowling, pizza lunch and a

    film afternoon. They have had a great day celebrating their last day in Year 9.

    Special Program

    As parents and carers will now be aware, only some students will be undertaking VCE units in 2019.

    Other students will either select an additional elective together with some literacy and numeracy support, or be in a special


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