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MeeX International Products and Consultancy Services.


  • 1. MeeX International2915 Poplar Isle, Missouri City, Texas, 77459. USATel# 281-691-0299Fax# 281-778-9672Email:

2. MeeX tnternationalMeeX International trade covers three distinct solutions:A. Drilling SolutionB. Flow Control Solutions.C. Rotating Solutions.MeeX International clients include major international, regional andnational Oil and Gas Companies in USA, Middle East, Africa and CentralAsian region. Exploration and drilling companies, refineries,petrochemical plants, pipeline projects, suppliers, stockiest and EPCcontractors are our regular clients. 3. Drilling Solutions. WellheadsCasing Heads.Intermediate Spool.Tubing Heads, Spool andHead Adapters.Casing hangers.Tubing HangersChristmas Trees.Drill Collars, Integral andHeavy weight drill pipe.Integral Spiral BladeStabilizers.Wellhead components: Tees,crosses, Seal subs,Valve removal plugs, flowtees,GoatHeads,Bottomhole Test Adapters. MeeX International 4. Drilling SolutionsPrecise Micro pore Composite ScreenPMC Precise Micro pore Composite Screen is anupgraded technology of sintered premiumscreen and unwoven metal fiber screen. PMC screen applies multi-layers of stainlesssteel meshes as filter media with strong innersupporting shroud and outer protective shroudto ensure high integral strength and highreliability.MeeX International 5. Drilling Solutions.Precise Punched Slot Screen -PPS Precise punched slot screen is anupgraded technology of slottedliner, wire wrapped screen, suitablefor coarse grain formation andhorizontal open hole. PPS has more reliable sand controlperformance and higher oilproductivity than conventionalslotted liner and wire wrappedscreen. MeeX International 6. Drilling SolutionsWell Completion Toolsa. Stage cementing tool.b. Hydraulic liner hanger.c. Sliding Sleeve.d. Hydraulic liner hanger packere. Swellable Packer.f, Horizontal Liner Hanger packerg.Compresion Set Packer.MeeX International 7. Drilling SolutionsChemicals Stimulation Chemicals -LCF Drilling Fluid Chemicals and Additives. Cementing Chemicals.MeeX International 8. Drilling Solutions Stimulation Chemicals Advancedstimulation chemicals is applied to low pressure wells (pressure coefficient