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MeE RobotOrMeE Mobile Surveillance Robot: Oamnetworks

About MeE RobotA portable robotic solution is on the anvil for your home security issues.

Our MeE Mobile Surveillance Robot is loaded with all features needed to make your home safe.

The robots alarm feature activates as soon as any intruder breaks into your home, it immediately sends real-time pictures/ alerts to home owners.

Salient features of MeE Robot

Easy to use operation and hassle free user experience.Captures and archives Photos and video playbacks.Recycling of old phones: It can disassemble an old phone in 11 seconds flat, breaking it down into assorted bins of screens, screws, SIM card trays, and spare batteries.Remote mobile patrol. A mobile surveillance robot is indispensable when you need to operate remotely and to oversee quick or hazardous works.

Features of MeE RobotReal time access to information on the go.Sensitive infrared sensor which effectuate for a better touch and for a clear night vision.Wide angled lens with HD night vision provides 24 hr security.Runs on ios and android, and has 8 GB storage capacity of intrusion recording (videos of intruders breaking into the house).

Features of MeE RobotIt has a various cool view modes with user friendly interface such as, all captured photos and videos are stored in gallery and robot can be instructed to move forward and backward, tilt up and down etc.,

Route setting can be instructed for a defined set path of travel. And it will automatically return back to the charging station.

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