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  • MSC Confidential

    MD Adams and MD Adams and SimXpertSimXpert Motion 2010.2 Motion 2010.2 -- HighlightsHighlights

    Autumn 2010 UserAutumn 2010 Users Meeting s Meeting


  • MSC Confidential


    The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for

    information purposes only and it may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a

    commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied

    upon in making purchasing decisions.

    The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described for

    MSC.Softwares (MSC) products remains at the sole discretion of MSC.

    This presentation contains confidential information of MSC and is intended only for MSC

    customers to whom MSC has made this presentation available. If you are not an

    authorized recipient and have received this document, you must immediately delete and

    destroy it. Unauthorized possession, viewing, copying, or distribution of the

    presentation, or any part of it, is strictly prohibited and is a violation of applicable law.

    MSC Software Confidential October 18, 2010 2

  • MSC Confidential


    Adams 2010 Review Release Highlights

    Review of SimXpert Motion Whats New in 2010

    Introducing Adams 2010.2 Release Highlights

    Beta Program

    Calendar 2011 Preview

    10/18/2010 3

  • MSC Confidential


    2010 Review

  • MSC Confidential

    Adams 2010

    MD Adams 2010 released in December 2009

    MSC Adams 2010 released in February 2010

  • MSC Confidential

    Adams 2010

    Native Contact Elements Analytical methods for determining

    intersection of solids

    Supported solids Sphere Cylinder Ellipsoid Box

    Smoother contact forces

    Increased solution speed

    Broad applicability:

    Bearings, Tracked Vehicles, Belts Cables, Mechanisms, etc

    Anywhere this type of geometry is in contact

    Contact performance in Adams offers substantial performance improvementworking with MSC software and services I have developed high end naval animations that have helped our company win business -- Major US Based Defense Contractor

  • MSC Confidential

    Adams 2010

    Truck Plugin

    Extends Adams/Car database and modeling paradigm to

    18 Wheel Tractor and Trailer Vehicles

    Busses and off highway vocational


    Realistic vehicle sub-systems

    Quickly build Ride, Durability, Stability models

    Quickly evaluate competing design options

  • MSC Confidential


    Adams 2010

    Soft Soil Tire Road

    Modeling of tire-soil interaction forces for any tire on elastic/plastic road surfaces such as sand, clay, loam and snow.

    Based on theory by Bekker & Wong Two Tire-Road contact models with multi-pass


    Elastic-plastic - elastic tire: tire deflection is taken

    into account; road plastic deformation history is


    Visco-elastic - rigid tire: no tire deflection; road

    viscous deformation is stored.

    Soil properties section is added to Adams/Tire road file

    Experimental Feature for this Release

  • MSC Confidential

    Adams 2010

    Curved Regular Grid Road


    Describes 3D Surface as Z-Values over Discrete Rectangular Grid Equidistantly Spaced in X and Y

    Uses OpenCRG Standard (

    Improved Durability Load Profiles

    Finer Ride/Comfort Analyses

    Efficiency gains compared to triangulation:

    File Size (only z-values have to be saved)

    Memory Demand

    File Loading Time

  • MSC Confidential

    Adams 2010

    Isolator Component Improvements

    Frequency dependency Independent modeling of static,

    dynamic stiffness and loss angle

    Parameter identification Support for customized bushings

    10/18/2010 10

    Transfer Function

    (frequency dependency)

    NonlinearStatic Spline






    d Bouc/WenHysteresis(amplitude


  • MSC Confidential

    Adams 2010

    Tire Data Fitting

    Create Adams/Tire property file from measured or virtual test data

    Utilizes Tire test rig Modify tire characteristics from

    tire property file

    Support for Pacejka magic formula models

    10/18/2010 11

  • MSC Confidential

    SimXpert Motion

    Whats New in 2010

  • MSC Confidential

    External Solver Support


    Summary Gives users an option to run simulations from

    the SimXpert GUI using external solver

    A preferred mode for some users Allows customers to schedule solver jobs

    independent of the GUI

    Facilitates Client Edition for SimXpertMotion

    How did you do it before? Internal solver only Workstation Edition only Export adm and acf files and run MD Adams


    Why is it better? Leverages an existing MD Adams installation

    and investment

    Can be more efficient for large simulations Application

    All Motion users especially Aerospace and Automotive



  • MSC Confidential


    Transportation Extension

    Summary Detailed Tire and Road Modeling Library of standard Tire and Road Models Road Builder Tool for defining roads

    including obstacles

    Height Sensor to measure distance above road

    How did you do it before? Custom tire and road models

    Why is it better? Standard Tire Interface (STI) compliant Can be used with all existing Tires and

    Roads from MSC

    Application Automotive Vehicle Dynamics Aerospace Ground Loads

  • MSC Confidential

    Summary Design-Time Parametric Expressions now available

    in Motion Workspace

    Python-based Persist with model in Motion

    Evaluated in the FE Workspaces

    Complete set of Adams/View location and

    orientation functions included

    Users can define and reference their own functions

    by registering them in Tools->Options

    To enter an expression, enter = in UI field,

    followed by expression.






    =54 + BoomLength.value



  • MSC Confidential


    Design Variables

    Summary Can be referenced in any property editor input


    Can be referenced in expressions Design Variable types

    Real (with or without units associativity) Integer String Object Expression

    How did you do it before? Only available in Adams product line

    Why is it better? Allows for parametric model building Model simplification

    Application Advanced model building

  • MSC Confidential

    Save Model as Python

    From model to Python

    and vice-versa!


    Summary Export Motion model as a python script Accelerates learning of Motion Python API Promotes auto-generation of models

    How did you do it before? Manually authored python scripts Saved models as binary .SimXpert files

    Why is it better? Stable, ASCII text form of a model

    Application Model persistence

  • MSC Confidential


    Property Table

    Summary Spreadsheet-like utility for

    editing multiple objects

    Includes many spreadsheet features

    Copy/Paste Import/Export Drag fill Column display filters

    Works for all modeling objects How did you do it before?

    User could multi select objects and edit in a single property

    editor and those edits would be

    applied to all objects selected

    Why is it better? Easier to modify multiple objects


    Objects can contain unique data User configurable

  • MSC Confidential

    Flexible Edge Contact


    Summary Curve-Curve Contact expanded to allow

    selection of flexible edges

    Flex edges can contact other curves or flex edges

    Flex Edge Creation Automatic via MNF Manual via node selection

    How did you do it before? Required re-mesh to use Solid FE instead Approximations: Point-to-plane, point-to-curve,

    or rigid dummy geometries attached to edges

    Why is it better? Edges of shells auto-detected Fast solution, easy-to-use

    Application Mechanism design and performance Rolling and Sliding contact (gears, cams, slots,


  • MSC Confidential

    Clearance Object


    Summary Solver based Clearance calculation Can be defined between any two parts:

    Rigid to Rigid, Flex to Flex, Rigid to Flex Threshold support

    Specify a maximum distance for which the clearance calculations will not be computed.

    How did you do it before? Custom subroutine

    Why is it better? Allows for sensors and/or controllers to be used based

    on clearance calculation

    Flexible Body Subregion support Faster calculation when the area is known. Allows multiple regions for the same parts to be

    analyzed rather than just getting the lone

    minimum clearance between the two bodies

    Application Aircraft movables wings, flaps, rudders

  • MSC Confidential

    Clearance Analysis Post Processing


    Summary Clearance objects are dynamically drawn

    during animation

    The user can chart the following for each clearance object :

    Minimal distance Location of minimal clearance points

    on each part

    How did you do it before? Only available in Adams/PPT

    Why is it