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  • FEBRUARY 2014


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    ST. JAMES LUTHERAN CHURCH AND SCHOOL2101 N. Fremont Street I Chicago, IL 60614773.525.4990 I

    St. James - The Oldest Continuously Operating School in Chicago This picture of a group of St. James students in 1906 was taken at our current school building. But, before we moved to our current location at Fremont and Dickens, the school occupied as many as five buildings since 1857 in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Learn more about our 1879 location, Willow and Burling, on page 10.


  • Dear People of God,

    This season of Epiphany celebrates the work of Jesus to minister to creation healing, forgiving, preaching and teaching that the Kingdom of God is near. For us it is a time to reflect upon the growth of Christ in our lives as we live in the kingdom He calls us to in Baptism. As Jesus moved through the towns and people of Galilee, so Christ moves among us. It is also a time to remember that He does this not for His benefit but for ours and for the benefit of the lost.

    This is a good season for self-evaluation. How is Christs grace making a difference in your life? How is Christs grace touching the people you are in community with? These questions form the foundation of reflection upon our spiritual growth.

    Let me put before you a Biblical model for your consideration. Our growth in Christ begins with Word and Sacrament ministry. Are you attending church and studying your Bible as often as you can? These two activities feed the Holy Spirit, given in Baptism, so Gods grace daily overcomes our human will to disobey God.

    Do you practice hospitality and service in the community of faith and in your neighborhood? God places us in community to build each other up and support the work of the church to be a healthy place for mission and ministry. Your time in support of St. James projects and programs not only strengthens you, but it strengthens others.

    How generous are you with your resources and Gods mercy? Do you forgive regularly and often on the basis of Gods grace given to you? Or do you prefer to judge others and lord over them in the mistaken belief that you are qualified to judge? Do you recognize that God provides you with financial resources with the expectation that you will generously support the work of Christ at your congregation?

    And do you share the love of God with others by inviting them to St. James, telling them about our excellent Lutheran School, and by living a gracious life as witness to Gods work in you?

    These form the values of our life together Worship, Hospitality, Service, Mercy, Generosity and Witness. Prayerfully take the time in this season to consider how God sees you in these areas and pray for His continued work in you to commit with greater devotion to be the person He baptized you to be.

    It is my prayer that this is so.

    In Christ,


    2 FEBRUARY 2014


    Senior Pastor Rev. Robert B. Donovan Jr.

    Principal Warren Gast

    Early Childhood Director Lynda Adams

    Communications / Admissions Kate Donovan

    Business Manager Martha Bulin

    Office Manager Catherine Sitz

    Childrens Ministry Jennifer Donovan

    Facility ManagerSam Herlo

    Music DirectorMeghan Sleezer

    ReceptionKatey Kerman

    Early ChildhoodLiz KoehnekeMeredith BoeseJennifer KolovosKristina Buschle

    ElementaryJessica Lore, First GradeKristina Kaldis, Second GradeStephanie Bending, Third GradeBrianna OConnor, Fourth Grade

    Middle SchoolBecky GorcycaKim MayNikki Hantel

    SpecialsAndy Macaione, MusicAbby Parsons, Physical EducationMary Barber, Art

    Fellowship CouncilErica ChandrasekharJonathan DrewsClark EverettCarl HibbenJason HockmanJennifer LarsonMichelle PennyJason SleezerPhil Spahn

  • FEBR


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    Services are on Sundays at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Podcasts of Pastor Donovans sermons can be found on our website.

    Prophets The drama intensifies as Jeroboam and Rehoboam fight for control of the kingdom. In response, God sends messengers to put the nation on the right track. But they only find resistance and animosity. All God wanted was that the nations see Israel as a reflection of Yahweh and cause them to want to part of Gods kingdom. So God divided the kingdom and the kingdom stoned the prophets.

    Fall of Israel The ten tribes of the north continued to struggle to follow Gods commandments. They squabbled and worshipped false gods and ultimately the only thing God could do was to turn His back on them. So in 722 BC the Assyrians overran Israel and the northern Kingdom was no more. In 2 Kings 17:18 it says that God removed them from His presence.

    Fall of Judah

    God made promises to Abraham and Moses the He would show His love to all people and call them back to himself. To David, God promised to bring the Messiah. Even though Gods people fail to obey, and the kingdom split into two smaller, weaker nations, God will fulfill his unconditional promises. But the northern kingdom, Israel, went into exile to Assyria in 722 B.C. What will happen to Judah and even more important what will happen to Gods promise? Ezra

    The nation of the covenant, the Hebrews who came out of Egypt are no more. God denied them the land and His name just as He had to Adam, Cain, the people of Noahs day and the people of the Valley of Shinar. Those who returned from Babylon came back with a new faith, a new focus and a new mission. These are the people we call Jews and they were determined to never let this happen to them again.



    On November 20, the St. James faculty served the needs of others by preparing a dinner of chicken and stuffing casserole for about 40 residents of the Lincoln Park Community Shelter. They look forward to their next opportunity to serve as a group.




    4 FEBRUARY 2014



    St. James didnt escape unscathed from the extreme cold weather in January. In addition to two school days closed for the childrens safety, a

    pipe burst in the school knocking out the boiler and a pressure pump. Thanks to the good work of Sam Herlo and Mr. Gast we got a plumber in here to replace the pipe with only a single lost school day. Later that day a waterfall was found rolling down the Church balcony steps due to a frozen drain the Bell tower; again Sam to the rescue with no permanent damage.

    St. James Middle School students joined with Lutheran schools from all over the Northern

    Illinois District to kick-off Lutheran Schools Week. At this special rally each student participated in worship, Bible study and serving events. It is good to know that we are not alone but part of a larger church that works with us to share the Gospel.


  • 6 FEBRUARY 2014


    The central activity of our congregation is public worship. Each Sunday we gather as a community to pray, praise, give thanks and receive the gifts of grace God offers through word and sacrament. God not only expects that all who are baptized in His name gather, but that we do so in an orderly and quality manner that brings glory to His name.

    Imagine if the Preacher just winged it with a sermon that he made up on the fly? Or if the choir just picked up a piece of music for the first time and tried to get it right without rehearsal? What if there were no bulletins, no hymn books, no structure? Chaos would prevail.

    Just as God gives us His very best His own son so He wants us to give our best for Him and each other. This begins in public worship. Our fellowship is divided into six serving teams so we can all pitch in and staff a Sunday morning by sharing in the work load.

    When your Serving Team leader sends an email or contacts you please take the request seriously. The request is only God asking you to do what we pledged to do when we joined the congregation. Be sure to respond quickly with your availability. He needs a yes or no to plan effectively.

    When you are scheduled to assist please arrive at least 15 30 minutes early, there is a lot more to supporting worship than simply standing at the door. If you have children this is an opportunity to teach them how to serve appropriately. But please remain with them at the door. Teach them how to greet and model for them what service looks like.

    For those who teach on Sunday morning, also arrive early to make sure everything you need is in place and ready to go. Lessons and materials are sent out far in advance for your convenience so please be faithful to your schedule.

    If you worship with us regularly and are not sure about your serving team leave a note at the Fellowship station in the Narthex or email Catherine Sitz and she will make the connection for you.

    Spiritual growth is more than just observing. It is also formed as we serve others and share Christs love in action activities. And it is certainly most evident when we value the hard work of our Serving Team leaders and show them the care and support that is due their faithfulness.


    MARCHIf you are on Kents team check your calendars now and be ready for his email. Services in March:Sundays March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30Ash Wednesday March 5 at 7:00 p.m.