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  • 1 Two liquids have the same boiling point and are immiscible. wrich method would you use to try toseparate them?A ChromatographyB Simpte distiilationC Fractional distiltationD Use of a separating funnel.

    2 Which mixture can be separated into its componenls by magnetic attraction?A Copper and copper(tl) sutfateB Aluminium and copper(il) sulfateC lron and copperD Copper and aluminium

    3 The diagram shows the chromatogram of four different sugars using the same solvent. sucrosehas an Rr value o{ O.24. \Mich sugar is sucrose?




    4 Covalent bonds are formed when atoms share electrons. How many blectrons are provided byeach of the atoms of oxygen, fluorine and carbon when they form dvalent compounds?oxvoen fluorine carbonA112


    5 Arnmonia has the structure shown- How many of the etectrons in a molecule of ammonia, NH3 areinvolved in bonding?H_N _H



    6 A substance contains the ions x3'and Y2-. vvhat is the simplesl formula of the compoundcontaining the ions X3* and y2-?A X:YZB XYzc XsYD XzYr

    2011 Dunman High School preliminary Exam Chemistry paper 1

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    which of the following statements best describes the bonding in diamond?A Diamond is made up of positive carbon ions and n"gaiire electrons.B Diamond is made up of carbon atoms joined togethJr by covalent bonds.c Diamond is made up of rings of carbon atoms ,lr"nguo in rayers.D Diamond is rnade up of molecules of carbon.which of lhe following compounds in a 'l mol/dm3 solution has the lowest pH?A Hydrogen chlorideB Sodium hydroxideC Ethanoic acidD Sodium chlorideWhich of the following statements about oxides is true?A Nitrogen dioxide is a neutraloxide.B Zinc oxide dissolves readily in water to form an alkaline solution.C Carbon monoxide will react with aqueous sodium hydroxide to form a salt and waler.D Copper(ll) oxide will react with dilute sulfuric acid to give a blue solution.Element E bums in orygen to form a white solid which reacls with both dilute hydrochloric acidand aqueous sodium hydroxide. E could beA copperB calciumC aluminiumD magnesiumln the laboratory, lead(ll) sulfate is best prepared by the reaction betweenA lead(il) oxide and dilute sutfuric acid.B lead(lI) carbonate and dilute sulfuric acid.C lead(ll) hydroxide and aqueous sodium sulfate.D aqueous lead(ll) nitrate and aqueous sodium sulfate.Aqueous sodium hydroxide forms a coloured precipitate when added to an unknown solution.The precipitate changes colour on standing.which is the likely substance dissolved in the unknown solution?A lron(III) chtorideB lron(lt) sulfateC Lead(II) nitrateD Silver chlorideA solution S forms a white precipitate in both dilute sulfuric acid and acidified silver nitrate solution.What could solution S contain?A Lead(II) chtorideB Bariurn chlorideC Barium nitrateD Sodium chlorideWhen calcium carbonate is heated, it decomposes acrording to the eguation

    CaCO3(s) ) CaO(s) + COz(9)What volume of carbonA 120 dm3B 22Adm3C 240 dm3D 440 dm3

    dioxide would be produced if 5009 of calcium carbonate were heated?

    2011 Dunman High School preliminary Exam Chemistry paper i

  • 15 Silver ions forms a white precipitate with chloride ions as shown in the equation

    10 cm3 or 0.1 mor/dm3 sirver "io"t" t:r,i;:l; :i5:?; J:,:J,;l 0.1 mor/dm3 or asolution for complete reaction.

    What is the formula of the chloride?XzCl

    B XCIC XCl2D XC/349.2 g of hydrated rnagnesium sulfate is heated and cooled repeatedly untilmass of 24.a g. Assuming only water of crystallisation is lost when hyJratedheated, what is the formula of the hydrated magnesium sulfate?A MgSOq.HzOB MgSOa.3HzOC MgSOa.SH2OD MgSOa.TH2OSilver oxide decomposes when heated to give silver and oxygen.

    2A920(s) ) 4Ag(s) + Oz(g)55.o g of a sample of silver oxide is heated genlty to conltant mass toresidue. What is the percentage purity of silver oxideiA 22.7 %B 84.7%C 91.Oo/oD 90.9%

    metalX chloride

    it reaches a constantmagnesium sulfate is




    give 46.6 g of solid

    | 9lmple of hydrogen peroxide decomposes in the presence of a metal oxide catalyst.Which of the following statements is TRUE of the reaction?A The total volume of gas produced at the end of the reaction is larger when a more efficientcatalyst is used.B The concentration of hydrogen peroxide lefl in the reaction flask increases with time.C A larger initial gradient of the graph of total volume of gas produced against time isobserved-

    D Longer time is needed to produce the maximum volume of the gas compared to anotherexperimental set up that does not contain the metal oxide catalyst.

    2011 Dunman High School Preliminary Exam Chemislry paper 1

  • l9 The following are the data recorded forthree experiments canied out between calcium carbonateand hydrochloric acid.

    CaCO3(s) +2HCl(aq) ) CaC/2(aq) + HzO(t) + COz(9)Experiment

    No.Mass of CaCO3 / g Volume of HC/ / cm3 Concentration of HC/ /

    mol/dm31.00 25 2.OO

    il 1.00 50 1.00ill 0.500 25 2.00

    From the above data, which of the following graphs shows the relationship among the threeexperiments, Experiment I to Experiment ilt?





    Experiment I

    Experiment lll


    Experiment lll


    Experiment I

    Experiment ll


    Experiment ll

    Experiment lll


    2011 Dunman High School preliminary Exam Chemistry paper I

  • 20 The following graph shows how thereaction between hydrochloric acid

    total volume of hydrogen produced changes withand excess magnesium.

    time for the








    timeWhich one of the following statements about the section XY of the graph is conect?A The rate of reaction is decreasing.B The reaction is continuing at a constant rate.C Allthe magnesium has reacted.D No more hydrochloric acid is left in the reaction mixture.\Mich reaction does not involve the release of energy?A Mixing of aqueous sodium carbonate with hydrochloric acid.B Adding zinc granules to dilute hydrochloric acid.C Reaction of ethanol with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water.D Formation of oxygen and copper by passing electricity through the aqueous solution of

    coppe(lI) sulfate.\Men sleam is passed over white-hot coke, the temperature of the reaction mixture drops - Twogaseous products are formed in the reaction.Based on the information given,A the reaction between coke and steam is exothermic.B the reaction between coke and steam is endothermic.C an organic compound is formed in the process as well.D water is oxidized in this reaction.\Mich of the following is not a redox reaction?A CHa + 2Oz ) CO2 + 21119B ZnO + zHCl ) ZnClz + HzOC Mg * CUSOa ) MgSOr + CuD Cu + 4HNO3 ) Cu(NOiz + 2HzO + 2NOzA student suspected that an unknown colourless solution S contains a reducing agent. To confirmthis, he could

    add aqueous iron(Il) choride to s and observe if the solution turns yellow.add aqueous iodine to s and obserye if brown aqueous iodine is decolourised.add acidified aqueous potassium dichromate(Vl) to S and observe if the mixture tumspurple.

    D add a few drops of concentrated hydrochloric acid to S and observe if chlorine gas isevolved.


    2011 Dunman High School Preliminary Exam Chemistry Paper 1

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    It is likely that an element X in Group VII of the periodic TableA forms a hydride of formula XH7.B reacts vigorously with water.C reduces Cr2O72'(aqy to Cdt(aq).D oxidises SO32'(aq) to SOa2'(aq).Selenium, Se, is in the same group of the periodic Table as sulfur.The formula of calcium selenide isA CaSeB CaSe2C Ca2SeO3D CaSeOo\l/hy are the elements magnesium and chlorine in the same period of the periodic Table?A Magnesium is a reactive metal and chlorine is a reactive non-metal.B Magnesium and chlorine combine together to form a compound of formula MgC/2.C The atoms of both elements have only three electron shells cnntaining electrons.D The atoms of both elements have eight electrons in their second electron shell.Which statement about the metal underlined is conect?

    barium manganese nickel silverMost reactive Least reactive

    A Barium occurs in the Earth's crust as pure barium. but the other rnetals are found ascompounds.

    B Manqanese reacts with nickel(ll) oxide upon strong heating.C Nickel reacts with aqueous manganese(ll) chloride.D silver is the only one of the four metals which reacts with cold water.Which observation will not be made when pieces of sodium were added to aqueous copper(il)sulfate?A Effervescence occuned.B Blue solution tums colourless.C Resulting solution is alkaline.D White precipitate formed.This question is about the extraction of aluminium from aluminium oxide.

    -"("Sari\ c cl.iai\r ori&7'"- 'rn -rlrtin

    Itt:i!'rc (l(t.

  • 31 Three electrochemical cells are sel up using crpper metal and three unknown metals, U. V and Was electrodes, immersed in dilute sulfuric acid of the same concentration.The potential differences between the metals are given in the table below.

    Electrochemical cell Metalsused

    Voltage / V Positiveelectrode

    1 Cu. U -o.45 U2 Cu, V +1.11 Cu3 Cu. W +2.71 Cu

    From these results, deduce which of the following conectly list the metals in the order ofincreasing ease of oxidation.A U,V, CU,WB U, Cu,V, WC W,Cu,V,UD W,V, Cu, U

    32 ln which of the following set-ups below will the concentration of copper(ll) ions in the electrolyteremain unchanged when electrolysis takes place?

    Setuo Electrolvte Positive Electrode Neoative Electrode1 CuSO.(ao) Copoer Coooer2 CuSOo(aq) Coooer Platinum3