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    Next months theme is: HUMOR!

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    Editorial 4 Comic Strip: Bucket Hat Bobby 5 The Mavericks Holiday Special 6

    Holidays Of The World 7 10 Things You Should Know About Christmas 10 To the Season 11 Shaking Our $30-Billion Christmas Presents 12 Adopt-a-Family / SPCA Christmas Tree 14 Poem: Vision of Christmas 15 Poem: Winters Wonders 16 Red, Blue, or Green? 17 Top 10 Holiday Movies of All Time 18 Holiday Traditions 20

    Thoughtbox 21 Rantbox: Poverty 21 Newsbox: Afghanistan 23

    Where the World Meets 26 Short Story: Luke 28 The Scene 32

    Movies 32 Edward Scissorhands 32

    Books 33 The Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice 33

    Music 34 AFI: Theyre Bringing Music Back Yeah! 34 Never Hear the End of It: Sloan 35

    Sports News 36 Poetry Corner 38 Ask Aphrodite 39 Horoscopes 40 Whats Happening 41 Holiday Pet Pictures 43

  • Seasons greetings, all! Hopefully, by the time you read this, we will have had at least one snowfall. So far, there hasnt been a hint of white in the air. In fact, it rained today, but Im not despairing yet. (As I write this, its November 24, and I am at home because we have no school!)

    Some of you may have noticed that this issue of the Maverick is titled Holiday Issue, not Christmas Issue. Now, before anyone sends me hate mail, I do realize that we printed in the last issue that this would have a Christmas theme. I apologize to all of you in advance for my lack of foresight and/or political correctness. And, speaking of the last issue, Im told that a few copies got out that were seriously screwed up. I apologize for that toohopefully it wont happen again. I also would like to apologize to Tyler Hyde, who did a really great cover for us on a really short timeline, and whose cover somehow didnt end up being printed. (Its featured on the back of this issue.) He also needs to be apologized to because one of his paintings got covered up by a poem. Finally, sorry to Ben Johnstone, whose name was spelled wrong on the artwork he submitted.

    Whew! If there are any other mistakes I should be feeling guilty about, feel free to let me know. Nowmoving on!

    As I was saying, we are calling this the Holiday Issue. You know why? Because hard as it is for a lot of us to believe, outside of Sydney Mines a lot of Canadians dont celebrate Christmas. Canada is a stronglyand proudly, and determinedly, etcmulti-cultural country. Youll find an article about that in this issue, as well as an article about what other holidays people celebrate around this time of year.

    The question many locals are asking lately is, When does multiculturalism go too far? Where do you draw the line? In some schools, Christmas concerts are no longer permitted. (Holiday concerts are.) You have to ask yourself if, in a largely Christian town, we need to go so far with political correctness. I work in a deli, and Id be willing to bet that Im going to be wished a lot of Merry Christmases this month when I dole out salami. Im probably going to say Merry Christmas a million times too. Is that okay? At my Superstore, I think it is. At a Superstore in Toronto or Vancouver, maybe it wouldnt be. I also think, though, that its okay (even a good idea) to have a holiday concert instead of a Christmas concert. Because how would you feel if, at six or seven years old, you were the only, say, Jewish kid in a small-town school, and nobody even acknowledged the fact that your religion existed? You would probably feel pretty left out and confused. Isnt it worth a little extra effort in writing the Christmas play so nobody has to feel that way? Thats a personal question and one that requires some thought, and its not easy to answer. SoIm going to shut up now. To anyone who read this farthink about that question.

    Ill leave with one final deep thought: from all of us here at the Maverick, enjoy your winter vacation, and well be back in 2007 with even more profound musings in Januarys Humor Issue!

    Happy Holidays!



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    Whos excited about the upcoming holiday season? The Maverick staff sure is! Weve been working like elves for the past month to get this issue together for you, so get reading! The holidays are a time for family, friends, fun, giving and receiving gifts, and reaching out to othersamong other things, one of the BEST of which is WINTER VACATION! Were also giving you a chance to learn more about what people around the world do during the holidays. So, enough of mestart reading, and enjoy!

    Happy New Year! This is the front of a card for our Adopt-a-

    Family by the newspaper staff. Read on to find out more! This is a smaller graphic of the bee-yoou-tee-ful inside!

  • There are many different ways people celebrate the holidays. It could be a condition of their religion, culture, race, law, or their preference. In any case, it is not just to say that every person in the world celebrates the holidays the same way we do. (Notice I use the word holiday, as not everybody celebrates Christmas, as you will soon find out.) To some, this time of year is very special and sacred. For others, the holidays mean lots of food and presents. Here are a few holidays celebrated around the world.

    CHRISTMAS Lets start with Christmas. What is the true meaning of Christmas? This question pops up frequently among children. The answer is, of course, the birth of Christ. However, many people look at it in another way. What happens when you meet someone in the store or the mall at this time of year? The questions you are asked throughout the conversation are: What are you getting for Christmas? Have you been nice this year? These questions relate to the other famous Christmas icon, Santa Claus, who represents the idea and spirit of gift-giving, sharing, love and kindness. Christmas, in our culture, is celebrated on one day, December 25th. But imagine getting presents for 12 days! Thats what people in Latvia are used to. Father Christmas brings presents for 12 days, starting on Christmas Eve. The presents are placed under the tree. Another interesting piece of information is that the first Christmas tree to be decorated was done so in Latvia. If you thought that the Latvians traditions were cool, you should check out Finland. The Fins believe that Father Christmas actually lives in an area within their country called Korvatunturi, which is north of the Arctic Circle. But heres the really interesting part. There is actually a Christmas theme park in a northern area of Finland. Thats right, tourists from all over the world can come to go to Christmas Land, the theme park that is said to be close to where Father Christmas lives. I wonder if theres a sugar plum merry-go-round? Germany is known for its extravagant Christmas decorations. Manger scenes, wreaths with the 4 advent candles, and electric candles in windows are only a few of the sights to see at Christmastime in Germany. Germans receive presents from both