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Marudhar Arts

Marudhar ArtsIndia's Leading Numismatic Auction House

www.MarudharArts.comWatches, Stamps, Bank Notes, Paintings, Antique Jewelry, Medals, Picture Post Card & AutographsCoins Auction House In India | Republic India Coins | Online Auction House | Antique Coin

www.MarudharArts.comMarudharArts India's Leading Numismatic Auction House, we buy, sell & Auction of Coins, Watches, Stamps, Bank Notes, Paintings, Antique Jewelry, Medals, Picture Post Card, and Autograph of renowned personalities.

Marudhar Arts, founded in 1966 by Mr. Prem Ratan Maru, we are one of India's most trusted and venerated numismatic dealers and auctioneers. Located in Bangalore, in the heart of the IT capital of India, Marudhar Arts are the one and only company in South India to hold an Antique license, which speaks volumes about our professionalism, integrity, expertise and

Passionate Coin Collectors

Collecting rare coins is a passion for many people across the world. It is something that has been in existence throughout history and continues to thrive. While most coin collectors take up this passion as children, some collectors fall into it by inheriting new coin collections from parents or grandparents. No matter where they come from, collecting coins can be a fun and exciting

Coin Values

Many people collect rare coins based on the potential of a coins value to increase. Some collections feature coins that symbolize a particular event and other coins gain notoriety because of an error in the manufacturing process. Price is most often tied to scarcity, but other factors play an important role as well. When taken as a serious hobby, coin collecting can turn into a lifelong journey.

Start Your Coin Collection Today

Collectible coins are becoming scarce, as most are rapidly slipping into collections. But on MARUDHAR ARTS there is still a wide variety of rare and collectible coins ranging from Coinages of Ancient India Coins, Hindu Medieval Coins, Sultanate Coins, Mughal India Coins. Apart from that we have bifurcated the coins into different categories for the ease of your perusal and interests to help new collectors get started and experienced collectors find that one-in-a-million coin. Start the treasure hunt today!!!


Gold Half Varaha of Vijayanagar Empire of Achutharaya

Vijayanagar Empire, Achutharaya, Gold 1/2 Varaha, Obv: back view of gandaberunda or double headed eagle flying upward wearing ornaments, huge bird is flying and carrying elephant in its two clawa, Rev: three line nagari legend with interlinear rules, sri pra/tapachyuta/raya, 1.7g, 9.55mm, (Girijapathi# 221), about very


Gold Mohur of Muhammad Shah of Shahjahanabad Dar ul khilafat Mint

Shahjahanabad Dar-ul-khilafat, Gold Mohur, AH 11XX/ 5 RY, Obv: sikka mubarak saheb-e-qiran sani badshah ghazi, Rev: sana julus zarb, 10.88g, 19.36mm, (KM # 438.22, 2013 Edition), about very


Copper Kasu of Madurai Nayaks of Mangamma of Srivira Script

Madurai Nayakas, Mangamma, Copper Kasu, Srivira Script, Obv: stylised ganesha, Rev:


Silver Drachma of Rudrasena II of Western Kshatrapas

Western Kshatrapas, Rudrasena II (255-277 AD), Silver Drachma, Obv: bust of the king and date saka 280, Rev:


Silver Rupee of Hyderabad of Afzal-ud-daula of Farkhanda Bunyad Mint

Afzal-ud-daula, Haiderabad Farkhanda bunyad, Silver Rupee, Obv: nazam-ul-mulk bahadur asaf jah, Rev: sana julus

CONCLUSIONFind out more about different coin types, the value of coins, the most sought-after coins... MARUDHAR ARTS have most comprehensive stock of coins.

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