marmalade webinar series - gamehouse increase user aquisition in games

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Marmalade Webinar Series - GameHouse Tips to Increase User Acquisition in Games. For more info on Marmalade SDK, visit


  • 1.GameHouse: Keys for Eective User Acquisition 4/16/14 Marmalade.Trademarksbelongtotheirrespec7veowners.Allrightsreserved.

2. Who is GameHouse? 15+ years in game business and millions of monthly users 80+ published iOS & Android titles GameHouse Promotion Network cross promotion & PPI network 3. GameHouse Mobile Publishing Over 10 years mobile publishing experience Global publishing to top app stores and websites Industry leading localization, monetization and analytics Dedicated account managers 4. GameHouse Promotion Network Cross promotion network to drive users to your app PPI & monetization in Q2, 2014 Supports iOS and Android (Google Play and Amazon stores) Start-up, trial-end and interstitial adverts Uber easy to integrate w/ Marmalade Native Extension Free to use for life! 5. Keys to Maximize User Acquisition 1. App Store Optimization (ASO) 2. Cross-Promotion & Building Your Own Network 3. Pay Per Install Advertising 6. App Store Optimization (ASO) SEO for apps in an app store Rank determined by DLs, ratings and reviews Ranking high in app store mattersa lot! 65% of Consumers Discover Apps via App Store Search 7. ASO Ranking Factors Title 10.3% ranking increase when title contains keyword Keywords Total # of downloads Trending in # of downloads Ratings and reviews 8. Why & Who? Why: GH has seen its organic installs increase by approximately 20% since implementing ASO strategies Free, organic, users are your best and most protable Who: Multiple companies can help you optimize here MobileDevHQ (our preference) SearchMan Appnique 9. Cross-Promotion Leverage your existing audience to drive users to your new titles These users are highly valuable as you are a known entity to them It costs nothing to move users from one app to another Find and partner with similar developers for trac exchange 10. Cross-Promotion within Franchises Franchises benet most from cross- promotion Example: Emilys Wonder Wedding -> Emilys Honeymoon Cruise Up to 40% CTR and 50% install rate Drove thousands of daily installs immediately Immediate boost up the chart at launch w/ out spending $$ 11. Build Your Own Network/Audience Create a ywheel in your own apps with cross- promotion Engage your audience outside of app FB Twitter Instagram Email Dont forget the mobile web its growing and 20% of consumers (thats a big number) nd apps with mobile web search create websites for your games simple example Use analytics to track performance of each channel and where you get most bang for your buck 12. Pay Per Install Advertising Extremely valuable when done well requires lots of data Can be eective if you dont have large budget need to be smart Higher value ad model PPI prices continue to rise & but provide more value than CPC and CPM based pricing FB estimates 20% savings to advertisers who opt for PPI 13. Making Pay-Per-Install Simple Set yourself up for success Test your ad Create simple, powerful message designed for mobile Test, measure, learn. Lather, rinse repeat 14. Your Only User Acquisition Goal CLTV > eCPI Make more $$ / user than you spend to acquire them. 15. GameHouse Promotion Network Integration Demo 16. GameHouse Promotion Network Oer Integrate GameHouse Promotion Network into your app and get: A free 3 months Marmalade Indie license/ extension or A $50 Amazon gift voucher Your app must hit 250 daily ad impressions to qualify for the reward 17. Integrating GameHouse 1. Sign up for the oer: 1. Register your apps to obtain a GPN App ID for each 2. Upload a few marketing assets to enable your app to be promoted in other GPN apps 3. Integrate this SDK into your app to start showing ads for other GPN apps readme 18. Whats Next? HasOers: The Realities of Mobile App Tracking & Attribution (Rebroadcast) 4/30: 12:00PM PST (8:00PM GMT) Dolby: Improving The Audio In Your Marmalade Game 5/7: 12:00PM PST (8:00PM GMT) Register Here: 19. [email protected]