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  • Manukau Dog Training Club

    .Championship Agility Event


    Counties DTC’s grounds,

    Cnr of Linwood and Kidd Roads, Te Hihi

    Sunday, 11 November 2012

  • Judges

    Nick Chester (Hamilton) Novice

    Alan McClumpha (Huntly) Intermediate

    Allan Rohde (Pukekohe) Starters & Senior

    Kirstin Graves (Papakura) Reserve

    Judging Order

    Ring 1 Ring 2

    Starters Intermediate

    Novice Senior

    Judging Commences

    9.00am (first courses walked at 8:45am)

    Show Officials

    Show Manager – Fiona Mitchell

    Show Secretary - Diana McKay

    Ring 1 Manager – Barend Benschop

    Ring 2 Manager – Christine Wallace

    Disputes Committee – Fiona Mitchell, Christine Wallace, Heather Warren

    Duty Vets

    Franklin Vets

    365 Great South Road (corner of Beach and Great South Road), Papakura

    Phone 298 6994


    The usual great catering at Breakie’s Cafe


    Can be paid at the café, thanks 

  • Ribbons & Prize Allocation

    Starters Number of Dogs Ribbons

    Maxi 35 1st-4th

    Midi 24 1st-3rd

    Mini/Micro 23 1st-3rd


    Maxi 53 1st-5th

    Midi 42 1st-4th

    Mini/Micro 31 1st-3rd


    Maxi 42 1st-4th

    Midi 41 1st-4th

    Mini/Micro 24 1st-3rd


    Unsplit 61 1st-6th

    Manukau Dog Training Club

    gratefully acknowledges

    Quality Presentations

    for our ribbons

  • What is Tukkathyme? A blend of oats, dehydrated vegetables and fruit, barley, kelp, many green

    herbs, flaked rice, linseed, molasses, lecithin, alfalfa – all blended together

    just as nature intended. Tukkathyme is part of the overall feeding regime and

    provides “that vital missing link”. It provides many minerals and vitamins

    needed for good health.

    What are the benefits? The combination of all these natural ingredients work on the digestive system

    to remove the build up of toxins, which in turn promotes an overall healthy dog.

    Daily requirements? As a general guide – feed a maximum of approximately one third Tukkathyme to

    two thirds raw meat (chicken, beef, lamb etc) fish, tripe, raw eggs (especially

    the yolks), cottage cheese, yoghurt etc.

    Breeders: we offer a specially made Baby Puppy Weaning Mash. Breeders nationwide are having great success with their puppies raised on the weaning

    mash in conjunction with raw meat or a premium dog food. Or, try our Nature’s

    Mix, it’s Tukkathyme minus the grains!

    Check out our website for a stockist near you or

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  • Running Order

    Ring 1

    Starters Allan Rohde Micro D006 K016 E005 H020 K010 K020 H009 K021 I006 E008 K012

    Maxi G644 K601 J652 H662 L616 K622 G650 I680 E628 L605 K669 I672 J601 K635 I635

    H666 E621 K638 J633 J624 K632 I667 I650 J625 E610 H642 K634 G665 L602 J627

    I626 K657 F677 J600 K636

    Midi J236 K249 J201 K232 D230 K261 D220 K251 H288 I243 Z200 G211 H227 J226 G259

    J232 G245 J279 G207 K248 K204 K224 J221 G255

    Mini I128 J107 I123 E100 L104 H119 D120 G102 L108 D114 G107 G119

    Novice Nick Chester Maxi E627 I672 I632 J643 J627 G614 E626 K632 D624 H647 G650 I626 H646 G622 G665

    I665 D619 J600 J621 J624 J601 H642 E621 I648 J615 F677 E644 J625 K622 K600

    I623 E622 H662 J652 L616 I640 K669 K601 J633 L605 K638 H666 E628 K634 I605

    G628 I650 K635 E610 I635 I680 I667 K636

    Micro F012 K012 H009 K020 K021 K010 H020 J009 G002 I006 C005 E005

    Midi G259 J226 K248 E205 K252 J217 H280 G255 D220 K232 H240 K213 F207 J206 K227

    J232 I243 J202 K261 H257 G245 C219 G211 J256 G207 D218 J236 J263 G239 H227

    B204 K204 K224 H216 K251 K249 H279 H288 J279 D230 J221 Z200

    Mini D114 H119 G105 G119 I106 G111 D110 J102 I123 J112 G102 L108 I100 E100 L104

    I115 G107 J100 I128

    Ring 2

    Intermediate Alan McClumpha Midi I234 H279 H220 H216 H257 H252 A221 F207 J270 D218 J290 E225 J206 F215 G201

    J280 C219 F245 E205 K252 J263 K227 G200 K213 H240 D270 J202 B204 J242 G218

    C270 H280 H251 G204 K229 G223 J217 H263 G213 G239 E270

    Mini I106 I115 J100 B107 K100 J112 G117 J102 I100 D110 G111 H116 G110 B103 F112


    Micro H008 E001 J009 J001 G002 D003 F012 K008

    Maxi E627 J609 G605 H654 I605 K600 A613 I603 G614 I648 E633 H626 I633 F640 H646

    E600 J647 G632 I665 F606 G628 J615 H612 E622 D624 J621 I632 I622 J643 H647

    I601 G622 G602 G668 G670 I623 H607 F651 D619 F654 F626 I640

    Senior Allan Rohde Midi E270 H263 H220 G218 G204 G213 C270 A221 D270 H251 H252 J242 F245 K229 E225

    F215 G200 I234 G201 G223 J270 J280 J290

    Micro F006

    Maxi H654 G605 J647 I601 F651 F626 F654 I622 I603 H607 G670 G668 G632 A613 E612

    H626 F640 J609 E600 H612 E633 F606 I633 G602

    Micro K008

    Mini G110 K100 F112 B100 B103 B107 H116 G117

    Micro H008 D003 J001 E001

  • Micro Dogs

    Dog Details Owner/Handler Details

    E001 Shelton Time T Reflect ADXG JDX

    Lou Baker 092789

    Shetland Sheepdog


    Int, Sen

    J001 Fancy Nancy JD

    Anna Snell 096425

    Jack Russell/Fox Terrier x


    Int, Sen

    G002 Maggie

    Richard Scott 099555

    Fox Terrier


    Nov, Int

    D003 Luke for the Silver Lining ADXB JD

    Kathryn Spicer 076880

    Poodle (Toy)


    Int, Sen

    C005 To the Core of Jura ADX JD

    Tess Bayly 095464

    West Highland White Terrier



    E005 Valkrista Princess Madaline

    Sylvia Lord 097370

    Swedish Valhund


    Sta, Nov

    D006 Jazz

    Cheryl Pierce 096363

    Australian Terrier



    F006 Pico Amazin Raisin ADXG

    Carol Bennett 090640

    Poodle (Toy)



    I006 Princess Poppy Jane

    Cheryl Pierce 096363

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


    Sta, Nov

    E008 Millie

    Natalie Mahony 099461

    Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)



    H008 Pico Calamity Kid

    Carol Bennett 090640

    Poodle (Toy)


    Int, Sen

    K008 Pico Miss Marmite

    Carol Bennett 090640

    Poodle (Toy)


    Int, Sen

  • H009 Jade

    Norm Collison 078326

    Fox Terrier


    Sta, Nov

    J009 Loverslane Precious Gem

    Tracey Page 093720

    Toy Poodle


    Nov, Int

    K010 Casey

    Ron & Yvonne Kenny 088473 & 101289

    Poodle (Toy) Handler: Ron Kenny 088473


    Sta, Nov

    F012 Nellie JD AD

    Ros Saffer 099671

    Terrier x


    Nov, Int

    K012 Scooter

    Sylvia Lord 097370

    Schnauzer x


    Sta, Nov

    K016 Glenopal Crossroads

    Natalie Mahony 099461

    Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)



    H020 Andy

    Glynis Muir 101478

    Australian Sidney Silky


    Sta, Nov

    K020 West Lake Melody

    Claire Bymolt 102024

    West Highland White Terrier


    Sta, Nov

    K021 Tia Maria

    Ron & Yvonne Kenny 088473 & 101289

    Poodle (Toy) Handler: Yvonne Kenny 101289


    Sta, Nov

    B100 Tessa the Terror

    Karen Forrest 061385

    Poodle (Miniature)



    E100 Eyespy Maid of the Mist

    June Butcher 099408

    Shetland Sheepdog


    Sta, Nov

    I100 Windygyle Isla JD ADX

    Rosemarie Baker 058013

    Border Terrier


    Nov, Int

    J100 Solo JD

    Sonja Rosen 097919

    Poodle (Miniature)


    Nov, Int

    K100 Eyespy Band of Brothers ADX JDX

    Lou Baker 092789

  • Shetland Sheepdog


    Int, Sen

    G102 Lollipop Feltex Boy JD

    June Yeates 099198

    Poodle (Miniature)