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Managing People & Organizations. The Gateway to Career Success. Managing People & Organizations. Why study Organizational Behavior? To improve effectiveness Non-technical skills are the gateway to success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Managing People &amp; OrganizationsThe Gateway to Career Success</p></li><li><p>Managing People &amp; OrganizationsWhy study Organizational Behavior?To improve effectivenessNon-technical skills are the gateway to successTechnical skills alone are not sufficient for an organization or individual to be successfulGraduates of this program cite managing people as their #1 developmental issue</p></li><li><p>Managing People &amp; Organizations</p><p>Is Organizational Behavior pretty much common sense? </p></li><li><p>Managing People &amp; OrganizationsWhat is an organization?Any group working together to achieve common goalsMust have an ongoing purposeIncludes corporations, government agencies, family businesses, non-profitsOrganizations exist within organizations</p></li><li><p>Managing People &amp; OrganizationsWhy would an organization perform better than an equal number of individuals acting independently?</p><p>A Common goal can generate synergyOrganization solves the problem of quantity but not complexityIndividuals have limited capacity Organizations need specialized skills Cooperation among Specialists should increase potential Performance is a function of the cooperation effectivenessAll of this depends on teamwork </p></li><li><p>Managing People &amp; OrganizationsWhat do managers do?Accomplish tasks through othersMake decisionsAllocate resourcesAchieve goals</p></li><li><p>Managing People &amp; OrganizationsFramework for managementPlan define goals, establish strategy, plan and coordinate activitiesLead motivate workforce, direct activities, communicate, resolve conflictsOrganize design structure, assign tasks, decide on roles, define reporting relationshipsControl monitor activities, correct deviations, compare to goals</p></li><li><p>Managing People &amp; Organizations</p><p>What do managers need?Technical skills, Non-technical skills, Analytical skills</p></li><li><p>Managing People &amp; OrganizationsWhat is theory?A system of assumptions or accepted principlesExplains the nature or behavior of a set of phenomenaThere is an element of speculationHelps us analyze, explain or predict behavior in organizationsTheory is validated through experimentationNot the same as peoples experiences</p></li><li><p>Managing People &amp; Organizations Theories help us to understand the practice of managementOffer insights into causalityCan guide management action and improve effectiveness</p><p>**********</p></li></ul>