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Make It Work. Stewardship of Digital Information.. Thinking Big Jane Mandelbaum Library of Congress XLDB 2011. bigish ideas. one big distributed collection. open distributed infrastructure. mindset: records -> data. Beyond thinking like cards. to thinking like data. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Make It WorkStewardship of Digital Information.. Thinking Big

    Jane Mandelbaum Library of CongressXLDB 2011

  • bigish ideas one big distributed collection open distributed infrastructure mindset: records -> data

  • Beyond thinking like cards

  • to thinking like data

  • what recollection does

  • take this

  • or this

  • and make

  • the workflow ingest data augment data design views publish and embed views share data and views

  • seeing the big picture

  • helps find little fixes

  • the resultcome for the views, stick around for the linked data

  • share data and viewsshare not only the end results, but also the raw data for others to create their own views.

  • whats next? full open source release: imminent public/private views and data: soon public launch: soon-ish big data sets: in a while as a portal: in the future remix across data sets: long view

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