Logo, branding name and UI/UX design sketches presentation

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Post on 17-Jan-2017




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<ul><li><p>I go for </p><p>1. Suggested names</p><p>stands for NewspaperN-Paper</p><p>stands for Smart NewspaperS-Paper</p><p>stands for Smart magazineS-Mag</p><p>stands for News magazineN-Mag</p><p>2. Suggested design for the logo</p><p>3. Suggested color palettes</p><p>Device screen,, expresses the idea aboutour product </p><p>meNote that this is a sketch from a bad painter,the real implementation will be much prettier</p><p>This design will make it easy for the user to read all his news without moving from the main page</p><p>Im done.. Waiting your feedback</p><p>Ahmad ElSaka</p><p>Sections filter</p><p>Clicking this arrow will expand the article in the place of the second stream, making it easy for the user to fully read the article without moving from the </p><p>main page </p><p>Like and share</p><p>4. Suggested UI/UX design</p><p>These tiles will show the modern UX attitude: full sized photo inside the tile below a semi transparent black box (its height is about 2/3 of the tile height and setteled at the bottom)will have the white text on it</p><p>Sketches Presentation for Logo, Branding name, and UI/UX design</p></li></ul>