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My lightening talk from the Zurich Frontend 2012 conference. Basically I want to take the optimization techniques I know from mechanical engineering and apply them to user experience and interaction design. Why do we still design user interfaces when they could just be optimized for different user groups and types. Our devices should know us and scale the user interface design directly to us and our user needs.


  • 1. UI/UX Design Optimization Ideas fromMechanical Engineering Mark Melnykowycz @americanpeyote
  • 2. UX/UI Design Goals Research Prototype Shipping Persona Testing RequirementsDesign Space Solution
  • 3. Element size Placement on screen Response rate Animation speedChanges as we age
  • 4. Device shouldknow the user
  • 5. Engineer DesignerIt wont break FunctionalLow material usage BeautifulCan be produced Form - Function
  • 6. Has to support weight of user
  • 7. Person Force Reaction ForceBoundaryconditions Reaction Force
  • 8. Person Force Reaction Force Boundary conditions Optimization design spaceMaterial = wood, etc. Reaction Force
  • 9. Person Force Reaction Force Boundary conditions Optimal solution based onMaterial = wood, requirements etc. Reaction Force
  • 10. Design User interactionspace patterns
  • 11. User Optimalinteraction Device customized pattern UX/UI data User Prole UI Design
  • 12. One app Optimized for specic user patternsOptimized App automatically ts optimal design to user Device should know the user