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  1. 1. Bringing Tactility Back toUI/UXApril 18, 2013
  2. 2. So, what do you want to talkabout?!
  3. 3. About MeGabriel G. FabiaBS CS-ST ID109Graduated last October, 2012Specialized in NLPand I am aimingfor:I aman:
  4. 4. About MeGabriel G. FabiaAKA The GabfatherB-)
  5. 5. About MeI am a Very Good C#/C++/LUA ProgrammerI also delve into the Graphic ArtsI am in no way a UI/UX ExpertNot even a self-proclaimed expert
  6. 6. ExperienceHelp put up AHS Web Development TeamImagine Cup 2012 Australia (Rescue Run)
  7. 7. Startups and Freelance
  8. 8. Startups and FreelanceOk, this one didntwork out so well :))
  9. 9. Startups and Freelance
  10. 10. Startups and Freelance
  11. 11. Startups and Freelance
  12. 12. Brief Intro Why focus on UI/UX? Why not just invest in more programmers? Can anyone do UI/UX? Yes, and No And please, do not mix up the two!
  13. 13. What this Talk will NOT beabout Human Interface Guidelines (H.I.G.) You already have the documents for that Read: Guidelines
  14. 14. Relating UI with UX Example of UX: Throwing and catching aball Example of UI: The stitching and sole-design of the ball
  15. 15. UXs Importance Good user experience captivates users toyour app The more feeling they get, the moreattracted at the cerebral level they get Prone to remembering, lusting for, returning,and even sharing your app The less feeling they get, the moreindifferent they feel towards your app
  16. 16. UX: Designing for Emotion Who? What? Why? When? Where? How? The asking SHOULD NEVER stop What are you thinking? Why did that confuse you? What would you click next? Also, ask about business goals & needs
  17. 17. Aaaa brain overload! ..well not really.Although everything is important and we have no choice but tosuck it up.
  18. 18. UX: Designing for Emotion UX takes into account the users needs atEVERY STAGE of the design lifecycle Every step should always be User Centered For me, UXs ultimate goal is:TO MAKE THE USER FEELGOOD...and not get lost in your app.
  19. 19. Why UX Matters You are probably already doing this UI is difficult to learn (and to teach!)...Unless you understand good UX Trivia: Want an example of bad UX? Referto this presentation...
  20. 20. UIs Importance Mental picture Before the first Automobiles were designed,people never bothered with the idea
  21. 21. UIs Importance Or, the internet as a communicationsmedium before chat and email serviceswere polished
  22. 22. UI: The Line and its Curve Now more than ever, we do things on theweb or on our phones Not only because it is better for naturalresources, but because it is more fun. And ask yourself, why is it more fun? Because its Beautiful. UI is all about pretty things that work.
  23. 23. UI and UX: Within a Team They complement each other, but thats it Unless you are extremely talented, youshould only stick and master either one The UX guy already has a lot on his mind So yes, UX is more important in a way (IMO) UX should be there from Day 1, todeployment
  24. 24. IntermissioniOS/Android/WP/WWW H.I.G.Q: Why are HIGs somewhat (or in somecases, critically) useful?
  25. 25. Mobile UI/UX: a bit morecomplex Screensize Constraints iOS has 2 (+retina resolution) Android has... So, so many... Orientation Portrait/Landscape Hibernation Modesand of course, Touch > Bringing back Tactility
  26. 26. Putting UI/UX to work The F! Should also workfor mobile
  27. 27. Putting UI/UX to work Swiping euphoria (Down and Right)
  28. 28. Putting UI/UX to work Landscape for virtual arcade The further apart the hands are, the better it feels And of course, more of the app is visible this way
  29. 29. Putting UI/UX to work Keep important things within easy reach(usually by the right thumb)
  30. 30. Putting UI/UX to work Q: What if the user is Left handed?
  31. 31. Putting UI/UX to work Button Tactility(Twitter Bootstrap Example white)
  32. 32. UI/UX for a particular TargetAudience One interesting example would beChildrens Apps (my particular favourite!)
  33. 33. UI/UX for Kids: Things to know Dragging is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Lower half of screen is the Danger Zone TACTILITY or BUST Narration is a Plus
  34. 34. UI/UX for Kids: Things to know Guidance from START to FINISH Accidental Multi touch Never, ever tell the child he lost inanything
  35. 35. Modern UI/UX Trends There is a transition going on:Bringing the real world into the digital world(or environment)
  36. 36. THE END OPEN FORUM! Then, GameSalad time if we have time