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  • local content in a Europeana cloud Henk Alkemade, Head Digital Infrastructure at RCE NetherlandsLoCloud is funded by the European Commission's ICT Policy Support Programme

  • Local Heritage: its fun

  • And you learn new things!

  • Investigation benefits LoCloud for end-users

    Online Questionnaire end-usersOnline Questionnaire Small/Medium sized heritage organisationsUse of Europeana/LoCloud statistics

    Report in December 2015Whats in it for me?

  • Online Questionnaire end-users (*)

    10 questions: Respondent InformationDiscovery Results: Specific UseDiscovery Results: None Specific UseGeneral Feedback

    We have only just started closing date is the 1st of November

    (*) Visitors of the LoCloud collection in EuropeanaQuestionnaires

  • Content:Discovered content is valued from poor to excellent

    When looking for something specific, findeability and useability of information on average were rated higher

    Suggestions made : improve consistency of searches

    The first results

  • User interface: generally pleasant

    the search facilities are ok, except for amount of clicks needed and quality of thumbnails

    Language often a problem if you go more in detail

    The first results

  • General feedback: Overall user experience pleasant

    Majority will visit the Europeana-site/LoCloud collection again


    Improve performance Improve interface/attractivenesIntroduction to Europeana and how to use it

    The first results

  • Analytics: appr. 3000 LoCloud pageviews/month (May to August)

    Suggesting LoCloud pages are visited 20 times more (on average and relative to the amount of content)Probably due to project activities

    Only time will tell!

    The first results

  • Help us by completing the survey

    Spend a little time searching the LoCloud collections of Europeana: http://tinyurl.com/LoCloudSearch

    Complete the survey (it will only take 5 minutes):https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/locloudenduser

    The closing date is the 1st of november

    Dear heritage collegues

  • Thank youh.alkemade@cultureelerfgoed.nl

  • LoCloud is funded by the European Commission's ICT Policy Support Programme

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