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LoCloud Collections Introduction

Pozna Supercomputing and Networking CenterDigital Libraries Team

Presented by Holly WrightArchaeology Data ServiceUniversity of York, UKLoCloud is funded by the European Commission's ICT Policy Support Programme

What is LoCloud?Best Practice Network of 33 European partners across 25 countries (lead partner National Archives of Norway) Three-year project starting 1 March 2013Funded under the CIP ICT-PSP programme of the European CommissionAttempting to enrich Europeana content by adding over 4 million digitised items from European cultural institutions.Supporting small and medium-sized organisations in making their content discoverable within Europeana, by developing new tools, and exploring the potential of cloud computing technologies.

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PartnersItalyUKGreece (three partners)PolandSpain (two partners)DenmarkRomaniaThe NetherlandsCzech RepublicNorwayLithuaniaSlovenia (two partners)BelgiumFrancePortugalGermanyAustriaSwedenBulgariaSerbiaTurkeyCyprusLatviaIcelandIrelandSlovak Republic

Basic components of a digital collectionDigital content and metadataSoft IT infrastructureSoftware (digital collection management system)Hard IT infrastructureService hardware (servers, storage, )Network connection and hardware (firewall etc.) and a safe and secure place for all thatPeopleResponsible for digital content and metadata, users of the DCMSResponsible for soft IT infrastructure (admins)Responsible for hard IT infrastructure (admins)

Basic components of a digital collectionAll mentioned components generate costsIn smaller organisations there may be no proper hard IT infrastructure for a digital collectionApart from costs - lack of expertise to cope with IT infrastructureHow can the work be simplified and reduce the cost of having a digital collection without limiting its value for end users?


LoCloud Collections

PricingZero Plan: 250 objects (maximum 500 MB) 0 EUR/month XS Plan: 1,000 objects (maximum 2 GB) 2 EUR/month S Plan: 2,500 objects (maximum 5 GB) 4 EUR/month M Plan: 5,000 objects (maximum 10 GB) 8 EUR/month L Plan: 12,500 objects (maximum 25 GB) 16 EUR/month XL Plan: 25,000 objects (maximum 50 GB) 24 EUR/month

LoCloud Collections