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literary criticism presentation


  • 1. Literary CriticismPresenters: Niloufar Fathi Pariya Mozafari
  • 2. What is literary criticism? Literary criticism is the evaluation of literary works. This includes the classification by genre, analysis of structure and judgment of value.
  • 3. Literary critics
  • 4. Sources literary critics are published Times literary supplement The NY times book review The London review of books The nation The New Yorker
  • 5. Aspects of literary criticism Genre: its how you classify the written word, by the way in which it was written. Some pieces of literature share similar characteristics.Theme: its a abstract idea that pulls the piece of literature together.
  • 6. Significance and uses of literary criticism Historical criticism Feminist criticism Criticism based on literary devices
  • 7. Historical criticism Its a way that classical literature can be brought to life. Its by reading the novel in the context of the time period in which it was written.
  • 8. Feminist criticismFeminist Criticism - analysis of the depictionof women and their relation to the womanreader by male authors.Gynocriticism - the study of womenswriting.
  • 9. What does Feminist Criticism do?The critic analyzes howwomen are portrayed,spoken about ordescribed in a piece ofliterature.
  • 10. Some questions to consider...How are the lives of men and women portrayed inthe work? Do the men and women in the workaccept or reject these roles?Is the form and content of the work influenced bythe authors gender?
  • 11. Prominent feminist literary criticsJennifer BrodyNancy ArmstrongMargaret Doody
  • 12. Criticism base on literary devices A great way to read into a text is to analyze the: style voice Theme(s) Setting Type of narration Metaphors used