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Literature Review

Finding Literary CriticismNicole Branch, Instuction LibrarianENGL 15Image courtesy of Flickr user throgers.

Today we willDefine searchable key words to maximize database search

Explore advanced search techniques

Identify & search relevant databases for your upcoming assignmentBackground image courtesy of Flickr user Paree.

TopicImage courtesy of Flickr user Chris Lott.


Define & Focus Your TopicDefineGreat GatsbyFocusCharacterThemeTheoretical framework

Focus Your TopicCharacterTom BuchananThemeAmerican DreamAnti-SemitismTheoretical approachFeminismMarxism

Refining Keywords

Refining KeywordsBroader terms

Narrower Terms

Synonym Terms

Finding the conversationImage courtesy of Flickr user spyros papasyropoulos.

Identify a Database

Identify a Database

Identify a Database

SearchExplore your topic


Document types

Truncation *

Advanced search options

Citations & permalinks

Finding full text

SearchUsing the guide, select a database to begin searching

Explore your topic if you arent sure about your focus

Practice advanced search options

Complete the form for one good source

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