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This presentation was created in conjunction with a seminar for adolescents encouraging them to prepare a really good cv together with strategies for a great performance in an interview :)


  • 1. Leaving a Good Impression Presentation by Annabel Desira
  • 2. Decision-Making Decide well what you want to do even if it is just a temporary job/summer job.
  • 3. Dress appropriately. Remember that what youre wearing speaks before you!
  • 4. Manners are Essential Body Language cannot be taken for granted. You might be sending different messages than what you would like your interviewers to know.
  • 5. Security and Confidence When you go for an interview, be sure you aim high and always refer to phrases like : In the eventuality of getting this job, I will be able to ... on the contrary of these Insecurity Guards
  • 6. What we did so far? And who said that presentation doesnt matter! Dont forget a clean haircut and strictly no sunglasses!
  • 7. Punctuality Very important Always be a couple of minutes early (10-15 minutes) and do not take anyone else with you to the interview not even if s/he will wait outside.
  • 8. Prepare a CV and an application letter Make sure it has absolutely no mistakes! Mistakes on a CV show that you might be careless and that you never check your work before you hand it in. It is best to follow the Euro Pass Format.
  • 9. Hobbies and Other Interests Try to link qualities from your hobbies and interests with qualities that the interviewer may find resourceful and worth noting. Example : Portfolio and Certificates
  • 10. References Make sure you gather references from people who know you have worked with them in the past and that would be willing to vouch for you. If you have never worked before your first references might be teachers, assistant head teachers, head teacher, any other leader in different organisations that you might be part of.
  • 11. Interview Jargon Make sure you know what the employers are looking for. Memorise some keywords and make sure you add them through your answers to impress. If you dont know their meaning, look them up well and make sure you use them in the right context.
  • 12. Be sincere and realistic. Nothing beats honesty. Be careful how you phrase your answers.
  • 13. Persuasion Be concise and persuasive. Interviewers see many people, one after the other. Make sure you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.
  • 14. Formality An interview is not a mere conversation with someone who might give you a job. It should be formal so keep calm and collected but try to leave the cool part out!
  • 15. Tricky Questions & Exploitation Do not say yes immediately for everything that the interviewer asks. If you do not know something or might be sensing something fishy do not commit or sign any papers.
  • 16. Over-Confidence Apart from being formal, try to keep everything within the context. As the one being interviewed you are still under test! And you cannot threaten the interviewers either!
  • 17. Self-Esteem Show your true colours. If youre courageous, give an example. If youre decisive, a team-player, a hard worker, do not be afraid to talk about it.
  • 18. Are you ready to join the workforce? Do not be afraid of this step. Everyone learns in steps. If we had to compare this situation with learning how to dance, it certainly takes time to learn to dance in a very co-ordinated and natural way. At work, it takes time to establish yourself and to start shining. No matter what, Do not give up!


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