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  1. 1. A startup community aligning talent, mentors, and capital.
  2. 2. Launch PadAn Engaged and Activated CommunityA Global Network of World Class Advisors, Investors and MentorsThe Hub for Entrepreneurs
  3. 3. Impact185companies have worked at Launch Pad since 2009, 27 475and at Launch Fest and pitch eventscompanies havepresented to investors, raising $108,000,000in investment capital. (GitHub raised $100mil.) Of those companies12have graduated from Launch Pad,145 and they now employ people, 28,000 and have leased square feet in New Orleans and beyond.
  4. 4. ImpactShining a spotlight on entrepreneurs,Launch Pad, a company that offers low-rent ofce space for high-tech startups, complete with aphone, fax and yoga classes. Its warehoused in a space called the Intellectual Property Building, one ofseveral startup hubs born after the storm. This growing business network, combined with pumped-upstate tax breaks, has drawn young entrepreneurs from all over the country and the world. - All Things Considered - NPRwho are creating lasting impact. In less than 2 years, we went from concept to a 12-person company, raised our seed round & got customer traction. Launch Pad provided a capital- efcient, low risk way to grow the company Moved from LA in 2009, launched 2010 Raised $3,250,000 fundingquickly by providing all our infrastructure needs, Hired staff of 38, average salary of $62,000letting us focus on the core business. Leveraging digital media tax credit- Patrick Comer, CEO, Federated Sample
  5. 5. Building the NetworkIn 2013, we are launching the Launch Pad Network. A global network of workspaces for entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Expanding to new locations and building relationships around the world to share our expertise in building thriving and supportive entrepreneurial communities. Co-Working Playbook Workspace & Community Management Software Worldwide Database of Talent and Creative Professionals Hosted Events and Event Blueprints
  6. 6. Ecosystem of ActivitiesEntrepreneurial HubLaunch Pad is the center of MeetupsRuby Bayougravity to the growing high-GNOCodegrowth and socialPrograms Hack NightGoogle AnalyticsentrepreneurshipNOLA PHP Afliationsecosystem in NewNOLA UXVenture for AmericaOrleans.Agile NOLA Startup AmericaFounders ForumFrom community events Tech Toolsthat take place at Launch EventsAngel SalonsPad to conferences that BarCampdraw attendees from all CLASSESHackDatReliefCamp Volunteerover the country, LaunchPad is the community forenterprising companies. Conferences
  7. 7. CAligning the NOLA Ecosystem Entrepreneurial Season Post-SeasonEast Coast West CoastSXSW TripLaunch FestDemo Day Demo DayNew OrleansEntrepreneurWeekCapital Pitchay arct rbJun ApFeJulMO M
  8. 8. ActivationEvents Year RoundPartner IntegrationCommunity EngagementWith an annual calendar We value deep integration Launch Pad is the hub of thepacked with great eventswith our partners thattech and startup communityfrom weekly meetups toleverages the platformin New Orleans and ourworld-class conferences,Launch Pad offers to get youpartners will be with us everyLaunch Pad partners are directly in front of thestep of the way as as weintegrated into everything we audience you want. From grow the Launch Paddo... and we do a lot! Be hosted lunch n learns to network worldwide.present and get your brand in speaking slots at our Partnering with us meansfront of inuencers at all of conferences, well get youdeep community engagementthese events. integrated in an effective way. for your brand.
  9. 9. Reach5600people have attended Launch Pad conferences.100 In a typical week people work at Launch Pad and 225attend meetups at Launch Pad. Launch Padpeople who are attracts a diverseat the forefront group of talented of tech and social media. Launch Pad is the platform for your brand to reach great people and great companies.