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  • 1. DSS Using the map on page 155 describe the landscape where Mexico City is located? (Use the key & your map skills to answer this) Answer: Mexico City is high, over 6,000 feet and is surround by mountains. Why would people choose to settle here???

2. Mexicos Location South border of the U.S. Coasts border Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, & Caribbean Sea Northern most country of Latin America Very Mountainous with a Large central plateau. Most land is too dry & rugged to grow crops (only 12% of the soil is arable- farmable) Earthquakes and volcanic activity 3. Climate of Mexico Mostly dry and warm Hottest in June-August Wettest June-August 4. Natural Resources: Mexico Petroleum Natural gas Silver Copper Gold Lead Zinc Timber Coffee/fruits/vegetables 5. Mexicos Population 111 million people live in Mexico 77% Urban/23% rural 20% of population live in Mexico City 2nd most populated country in Latin America 6. Venezuelas Location Northeast part of South America Coasts border Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean Located just North of the Equator Mountains in the North/Central Plains w/ low mountains in South Only 3% arable-farmable land. Most land used for pastures. 7. Climate of Venezuela Hot, tropical climate Cooler in the mountains Rain varies by region (16 inches on the coast & >100 inches in the mountains) 8. Physical Features of Venezuela 9. Natural Resources of Venezuela Petroleum Natural Gas Iron ore Gold Bauxite Hydro-power Diamonds 10. Population of Venezuela 28 million people live in Venezuela Most people live in the northern highlands/ coastal cities 88% urban/12% rural 11. Mexico vs. Venezuela Similarities Differences_ Location: Climate: Resources: Population: