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1. Creativity Passion Talent Larel Johnson 2. For The Love Of Piano Started playing the piano at 6 3. Singing For Love Along with being a pianist I started singing at a very young age as well. Since then i knew that was one of my talents that i will always have. 4. Music Is Happiness Recorded rst album at the tender age of 12 5. Traveling Talent Growing up I discovered the many levels in what true performing felt like as I traveled around from city to city to be an inspiration to many. 6. Im A.. City Girl! Born in Tallahassee, Fl. 7. Inspiration Inspiration came from watching singers and musicians perform on stage. It enhanced the love and appreciation I had for my talents and motivated me to keep pushing forward. 8. Greek Life Of A Rose Pledged Sigma Alpha Iota at the University of South Alabama. Spring of 2012. SAI is a music fraternity for women 9. Characteristics Caring Daring Adventurous Humble 10. Skills Communication & Public Speaking Problem Solving Leadership 11. Music Is Easily Heard When You Just Simply Listen As a pianist I developed a skill where I was able to play by ear. I could listen to a song and gure out how to play it exactly how it sounded. Although I could read sheet music, I often didnt need it. 12. My Passions Are Helping to develop and inspire artist Singing Playing The Piano Music Writing 13. Interests Enjoy LifeTraveling Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Dance Listen to Music Write 14. I love being able to connect with people on social media sites because it helps me reach people that arent just within the area that I live in. Social Media websites opens up doors of opportunity and it is benecial for my career in the music industry. 15. My Blog Link: 16. My Website Link: 17. Strengths Social Media Musically Inclined Open-mindedness Leadership Creative 18. Career Goals Work in the music industry at a record label in artist development. And later become head of the artist development department 19. The Big City Is Where Its At I want to expand my brand to living in a big city. Big cities have better connection and promotion opportunities. 20. Values Music Family Love Inspiring People 21. I chose Education 22. Focus I choose to stay focused so that I can achieve my goals and become successful and happy. 23. Where To Go From Here? After graduation I plan on pursuing a career in Artist Development. I would like to work with many up and coming artist as well as artist who are already established in the industry. 24. The main reason I want to go into the music industry is to be an inspiration to people and to shine a bright light of happiness into their lives if I can. 25. Never Forget Never forget to take the time to enjoy the moments that life will give. 26. References: Slide 1: Slide 2: Slide 3: Slide 4: Slide 5: Slide 6: Slide 7: Slide 8: Slide 9: Slide 10: Slide 11: Slide 12: Slide 13: Slide 14: Slide 15: 27. Slide 16: Slide 17: Slide 18: Slide 19: Slide 20: Slide 21: 44124472651@N01/47169667/ Slide 22: Slide 23: Slide 24: Sldie 25: