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  • 1. Can you tell who is in a sorority?What have the stereotypes told you?

2. Sorority:A chiefly social organization of women students at a college or university, usually designated by Greekletters. ( 3. Sorority row, a street inwhich contains the housesof sorority organizations,shown here at theUniversity of Denver. 4. Its hard to understand sorority life lookingfrom the outside in. Overall sorority life hasgiven me the opportunity to be a betterwomen Gaia Altshuler, a sophomore at theUniversity of Denver stated. 5. I think the most common misconception is that all that matters tosororities is partying and getting drunkthere is more to sororitiesincluding philanthropy, sisterhood, and networking, Lauren Calkins, aUniversity of Denver junior, stated. 6. Throughout recruitmentsororities show theirendless love and support.Sororities are about morethan the stereotypes say.Sorority women areinvolved in philanthropy andvolunteering, are constantlyconcerned and working onacademics and they alwayshave a place to call home. 7. Sorority membersgather multiple times aweek for study hoursat their house. 8. A bannerdisplaying oneof Delta Zetasororitys fourphilanthropies,Painted TurtleCamp. 9. The sophomoreclass of DeltaZeta gather totake a photo toremembertimes with theirsisters. 10. A screenshot of a New York Times article that depictsthe negative side of sororities and fraternities. 11. Altshuler said,I found ahouse that feltlike home andsaw thepotential to bepart of anamazingsisterhood. 12. Lauren Calkins, a DU junior, said, I would say that a sorority is a group ofwomen who support each other no matter what and do fun activities to grow their bond. It can be a very social college experience but your sororitysisters be right by your side when youre laughing and when youre sad.