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1. Creve Coeur Park has a map so that visitors know where to find various attractions. 2. The sunset is one of many attractions at Creve Coeur Park. 3. A bench is situated in front of a little waterfall for visitors to relax and enjoy nature. 4. The park has many different kind of trees and a pavilion for visiors if they need totake a break. 5. There is a beautiful scenery when approaching the lake. 6. A little waterfall attractsmany visitors. 7. When being at the park,there are many differentplants to discover. 8. The ground shows that Creve Coeur Park is pure nature. 9. Big fallen trees can serve as a bench. 10. Despite the waterfall is very small, many people come there just to see it and listen tothe sounds of nature. 11. Dr. Sue Tretter took her students to the park. She wanted them to be in nature.