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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Tantallon CrossroadsFollow-UpAmendmentsChurches &amp; SchoolsSuperstore Property5434-5444 St. Margarets Bay Road* * TO BE REMOVED FROM CONSIDERATION IN THIS PROJECT</p> <p>March 2015Tantallon CrossroadsMix of uses and housing typesEducation and health care facilitiesSmall buildings, pitched roofs, traditional sidingStreet oriented doors and facadesRespect groundwater and surface water</p> <p>2To consider:Longstanding church proposal: allow community buildings in VR Zone exceeding maximum footprint, height &amp; some architectural requirementsSuperstore property: add to Schedule N to be consistent with adjacent Canadian Tire*5434-5444 St. Margarets Bay Road: add uses to Schedule P comparable to existing uses* </p> <p>March 2015</p> <p>* TO BE REMOVED FROM CONSIDERATION IN THIS PROJECT</p> <p>1. Church in VR ZoneFebruary 2015</p> <p>Site owned by churchChurch RequestNorth side of Hammonds Plains Rd. at Scholars Dr.Development permit expiredUnable to issue new permit due to new zoning rulesBuilding &amp; site design already doneWillingness to adjust non-structural design aspectsCan we accommodate them?</p> <p>Approaching from Hwy. 103</p> <p>Hammonds Plains &amp; Scholars Rds.</p> <p>School seen from Scholars Rd.</p> <p>View from Scholars Rd. cul-de-sac</p> <p>Approaching from Village Centre</p> <p>What are the Barriers?March 2015Proposed ChurchVillage Residential ZoneOne 13,060 sq. ft. footprintSeveral 3,200 sq. ft. footprints41.4 ft max. height35 ft. max. height2:12 main roofs; flat elsewhere6:12 min. roof pitchAngled doorsNo Display windowsAwning to be added over doorwayLess than 60% of lengthSome horizontal windowsDoors in wall facing street Display windows requiredArcade or awningsAll comprising at least 60% of lengthOnly vertical or square windowsFront yard parking to be relocatedNo front yard parkingRationaleAccess avoids established neighbourhoodsChurches need large, open, one-level halls Adjacent school: 76,000 sf footprint &amp; flat roof</p> <p>Are there comparable properties?Large schools and public properties already exist along the north side of Hammonds Plains Road: 17,000 sf &amp; 30,000 sfFormer school building on the north side of French Village Station Road: 12,000 sf footprintSeveral other large lots with wide frontage on these roads </p> <p>Comparable properties?</p> <p>?</p> <p>?Questions to ConsiderHow might prominent sites and special buildings provide a counterpoint to more typical buildings?How might a large church fit a coastal village theme which is traditional in a modern way?What is a reasonable footprint?What is a reasonable height?Should we also allow exceptions for schools?</p> <p>Date</p> <p>Suggested ApproachWithin the Residential Environment Zone:Only for places of worship &amp; schools Only on lots with: frontage of at least 53 m (175 ft); andarea of at least 1.0 ha (2.5 ac); Only on the north side of: Hammonds Plains Road; orFrench Village Station Road To allow:One maximum building footprint of 13,500 sf; all others on the lot would be limited to 3,200 sf footprintA maximum height of 41.3 ft instead of 35 ftFlat or shallow roofs instead of min. 6:12 pitchArchitectural coated concrete siding Angled street facades, including entrance doors</p> <p>March 20152.SuperstoreTying up a loose end...March 2015</p> <p>Superstore PropertyAdjacent Canadian Tire is in Schedule NSchedule N enables sensitive expansion by development agreementPublic Hearing acknowledged that Superstore could be included later</p> <p>Schedule N Requirements (CV-7)For new buildings:Maximum front yard setbacksStreet facades with display windows, awnings &amp; doorsWalkways to faade doors without crossing parking/lanesNo car or truck facilities between the street &amp; faadeAlso Policy CV-6For expansions to existing buildings: Must reduce front setback, or increase building height Must include faade display windows, awnings &amp; doorsNo new car or truck facilities between the street &amp; faadeAlso Policy CV-6Date</p> <p>Policy CV-6: Must considerFootprint, siting, massing, orientation &amp; building form: open space, landscapes, topography &amp; water featuresviews from the public roadwaywalkability and human scaleimpacts on adjacent land usesconcealing parking, loading &amp; storageHeight, architecture, landscaping &amp; visual integrationLUB rules for Parking, Outdoor Storage/Display, Signage &amp; ArchitectureEffects on groundwater supplyErosion, sediment control &amp; stormwater management</p> <p>3. 5434-5444 St. Margarets Bay RoadEnabling more uses comparable to those already existingMarch 2015TO BE REMOVED FROM CONSIDERATION IN THIS PROJECTA SummaryChurches and Schools in VR Zone: Allow larger footprints, distinctive architecture, taller height &amp; flat/shallow roofs on large lots on north side of Hammonds Plains &amp; French Village Settlement Rds.Superstore property:Add to Schedule N (allows expansion by development agreement under the new Tantallon Crossroads policy)5434-5444 St. Margarets Bay Road:No change at presentThank you!Marcus Garnet, Senior Planner902-490-4481garnetm@halifax.caMarch 2015</p>