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Kobold Dungeon PlansCorridors seal after being entered.

Fear not this floor. Let Secrets remain secret. My name is Sycote. I have a deep hatred for Kurtul, the trapmaker of this Dungeon. For this reason I have carved runs to aid adventurers. Fare thee well.

Base eats organic material. Think strong bleach. Leather, skin destroyed. Metal inmune.

-Explosives work, Magic Doesnt-KO Gas 2 Turns-Double Pit Trap with MagicWall stops if player hides in door.-2 smaller or 1 Large can fit-Zero visibility

Prepare for Battle! Gird yourself with armor. If you survive the weasel onslaught linger not on this floor.

Search for the Dragon. The Dragon scale toughens our skin. The Dragon bone adorns our skull. The Dragon heart flames our sorcery.

There is no hope. Follow our mining if you dare. Its the last sound youll hear. I am SYCOTE. I am DEATH! LONGLIVETHEDRAGON!