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<ul><li><p>www.michaelamos.net/GURPS 1</p><p>Kobold CavernsIntroductionThis adventure is written using the GURPS 4th Editionrules and is designed for low point characters. It featuresAD&amp;D Kobolds, adapted for GURPS by Michael Amos inthe document AD&amp;D Kobolds.pdf (available fromwww.michaelamos.net/GURPS). You will need AD&amp;DKobolds.pdf in order to play this adventure.</p><p>This adventure could be described as a classic dungeonbash, since it involves the players going undergroundand fighting monsters. However, this is a naturallimestone cave system, based loosely on the Font-de-Gaume cave at Les Eyzies, near Prigueux in southernFrance. There are no ten-foot wide corridors. The playerswill find themselves squeezing through cramped, wettunnels in the pitch dark, facing a foe with night visionable to stand and fight unhindered. The players willquickly discover they have to leave all their armour andmost of their gear at the entrance. As for those two-handed swords and halberds, well, theres barely enoughroom in most of the caves to swing a dead kobold...</p><p>In the text that follows, sections enclosed within a light-yellow box may be read out the to players. The rest of theinformation is for the GM, to be revealed if necessary asplay continues.</p><p>SummaryA group of kobolds have snatched an eleven year old boy,Riordn Funnell, from the edge of a rural hamlet. Whilethe villagers are shocked and distressed, they are farmersand woodsmen, not warriors. The best they can do issend for soldiers from the nearest keep, a days walk away.Fortunately, the players just happen to be passing through.</p><p>The objective of the adventure is to track the kobolds totheir caves and rescue Riordn before he is killed andeaten. If the players do not have someone with trackingskills or if they require extra numbers, the GM can havethe tracker Flannn ODonahue accompany them.However, in a fight, he is a liability and the players mayfind themselves rescuing Riordn and Flannn.</p><p>Notes about the CavernsThe caves are designed to give the kobolds the maximumadvantage. They are able to stand upright in most of thetunnels, while the players will often find themselves ontheir hands and knees or even bellies. Furthermore, thetunnels are completely dark. This is no problem for</p><p>kobolds with their night vision but the players may end upfighting blind as torches are easily extinguished in thedamp caves.</p><p>The following rules apply to movement and combat in thecave system:</p><p>Climbing Climbing skill defaults to DX-4 minus</p><p>encumbrance level</p><p> The climbing rate is 2 per second as the cavesoffer lots of hand and footholds.</p><p> The heights of slopes are printed in white on themap, adjacent to the slope they relate to.</p><p> On the map, the arrow on the slope indicates theupwards direction, while the dotted lines indicatethe beginning and end of the slope.</p><p> When someone is climbing, they are at -2 to attackand defence roles and must make a DX orClimbing skill to avoid falling.</p><p> A person may not make and all-out attack ordefence when climbing.</p><p> If a person falls, the cave floors count as a hardsurface (see B 431 for damage).</p><p>Lighting The kobolds can see perfectly well in the dark but</p><p>will fight at -10 in a strong magical light source orsunlight. They are not affected by lantern ortorchlight.</p><p> Humans fight at -10 in the complete dark.</p><p> Any torch coming into contact with the dampcave floor will extinguish on a role of 14 or more.Role every ten seconds the torch is in contact withthe ground. Lanterns placed on the ground arenot affected.</p><p> The kobolds will target torch and lantern bearersand will try to extinguish the light source.</p><p>Low Ceilings Ceiling heights are indicated on the map by black</p><p>numbers in the rooms.</p><p> Ceilings of 4 require a human sized individual tocrouch (-2 to attack roles and +2 MP per hex).</p><p> Ceilings of 3 require human sized individuals tocrawl (-4 to attack, -2 to defend, and +2 MP perhex). Players will have to remove backpacks andbulky armour such as plate mail to get throughthese areas.</p></li><li><p>www.michaelamos.net/GURPS 3</p><p> Ceilings of 2 or less require a human sizedindividual to slide along on their belly (-4 to attack,-2 to defend, move 1 hex per turn). Players willhave to remove backpacks, bulky armour, helmets,and equipment to get through these areas.</p><p> The players and all their equipment will be fouledwith a thin layer of limy mud the first time theyhave to crawl.</p><p>Note that kobold starting locations are indicated on themap. They will converge on the party once the alarm hasbeen raise.</p><p>Player Introduction</p><p>Donagh leads the party to where he and his grandsonwere attacked. The kobolds have left a very clear trail andFlannn is able to track them with ease. If the party wishesto use their own skills to track the kobolds, there is a +4modifier.</p><p>The rabbit totem stands at the edge of a sinkhole and hasbeen placed there by the kobolds to prevent themaccidentally falling into it. It is area 17 on the map.</p><p>If the party leaves the trail to approach the totem, make aperception role at -4 to see if the leading player notices thesinkhole. If they do not, the ground will give way as theyreach the totem; role against DX at +2 to avoid falling intothe hole.</p><p>Fortunately, the sides of the sinkhole are not steep and anyplayer falling in will only sustain 1d-3 crushing damage.See the description for section 17 for further details. Theparty will not be able to go into the caves from here andwill ultimately have to rejoin the kobolds trail.</p><p>The CavernsLocations mentioned by number below refer to the map on pagetwo. Each hexagon on the map is one yard. The starting locationof the kobolds is indicated on the map. Once the alarm has beenraised, they will come to investigate and attack the party.</p><p>Location One</p><p>You are staying overnight at the hospitality of anelderly woman in Oleary, a tiny hamlet tuckedaway in the broad, wooded valley of Pellarne. Thelocals are early risers and a little after dawn, yourparty is woken by a noisy commotion outside.Rousing yourselves, you troop blearily into the yardto beg for a little peace and quiet.</p><p>What you find is your landlady trying to consoleanother old couple, Donagh and Orna Funnell, bothof whom are distraught with grief. Through theirsobs, it emerges that their grandson, RiordnFunnell, has been snatched by what Donaghdescribes as evil cave spirits. He and his grandsonwere up before sunrise, and were a little way intothe woods when they were set upon by a group ofsmall, reptillian men. Donagh tried to fend them offbut they beat him until he fled. He has a bloodygash across his forehead to bear witness to his tale.</p><p>It isnt long before news of the abduction has spreadand others from the hamlet arrive to hear the story.After some discussion, the villagers reach theconsensus the kidnappers are kobolds, and thatRiordn is in grave peril. Donagh and Orna beg themenfolk to go after their grandson. One by one,they make their excuses and leave until one manremains. He is a tracker named Flannn ODonahueand he promises to track the kobolds as far as he can.</p><p>Touched by the elderly couples grief and confidentof your strength at arms, you volunteer to go withFlannn to help rescue the boy.</p><p>The trail leads for two hours march through thewoods to the end of the Pellarne Valley. There, theground rises steeply and the trees thin out until youfind yourselves walking through a meadow ofwaist-high grass. The sun is warm and the air thickwith the scent of flowers. Insects buzz lazily aroundyou: were your task not so serious, it would makefor a very pleasant stroll.</p><p>Suddenly, Flannn halts and points away to the left.Ten yards from the kobolds trail a wooden stakerises above the grass. A rabbits skull adorned withfeathers is tied to the top.</p><p>The trail continues on for another fifty yardsthrough the meadow and then turns abruptly to theleft and down into a deep gully. There is less coveron the ground and the kobolds path is harder totrack. However, you notice a cave entrance someyards distant. As you approach, Flannn spotssome footprints leading to it and you conclude youhave reached the kobolds lair.</p><p>The entrance to the caves is a yard wide and twoyards tall. From outside, you can see it goesstraight for about three yards then turns sharply tothe left. Water trickles down the limy walls, collect-ing in puddles on the floor. The sunlight barely pen-etrates to the turning. Fortunately, Flannan has alantern, which he brings out and lights.</p></li><li><p>www.michaelamos.net/GURPS 4</p><p>A yard is not very wide. If the party has bulky equipmentsuch as spears or bastard swords, explain that they areawkward to manoeuvre in this narrow space. If the partyventures down the passage, read the following:</p><p>Any player attempting to crawl down this passage with abackpack on will become stuck and will have to back outagain. Flannn realises this and decides to take a fewthings from his pack and leave it hidden in some bushesnear the cave entrance. He also decides to leave his bowas he does not want it to foul in the water. Eventually,someone with a light source will crawl through the tunnelto Location Two.</p><p>Location Two</p><p>If none of the players suggest it, a intelligence role at +2will allow the players to realise these markings have beencarved by the kobolds and that the kobolds have inhabitedthese caves for some time. A second intelligence role (ifneeded) will allow the players to realise the inhabitationhas not been continuous. There are old carvings, blurredby travertine brought by the water running down thewalls, and there are very fresh carvings. None show astate between the two - the kobolds have recentlyreoccupied these caves.</p><p>The players will have to climb the slope at the end (noclimbing role required) and then crawl into Location Three.</p><p>Location Three</p><p>If the players are not already soaked and filthy, they willbe by the time they have got through this location. Notethat while chain mail is very flexible, it is necessary towear padding beneath it and hence chain mail would needto be removed like any other armour. Once someone hasbegun crawling through this space with a light source,read the following:</p><p>These routes lead to Locations Four and Six respectively.</p><p>Location Four</p><p>This location contains the nest of a trio of striges, located inthe spur as indicated on the map. The first person to slideinto the room will have thirty seconds before they areattacked. This is not long enough to put on armour but itis long enough for anyone following to be slithering downthe slope. If a person advances into the second half of thechamber before thirty seconds have past, they will beattacked by the striges immediately.</p><p>See the Appendix A for the statistics of the strixes. Theywill flee through the entrance at Location Five if one oftheir number is downed. Individually, they will flee ifinjured and, once two have gone, the other will follow.</p><p>A perception roll is required to notice there are very oldcarvings on the walls here, almost obscured by deposits</p><p>As you walk down the passage, you brush againstthe walls, soiling your clothing with limy mud.Pressing on with the aid of Flannan's lantern, youfind the passage opens into a small chamber somesix yards by two. At first it appears to be a deadend but then you notice a yard high opening at thefar end. On closer inspection, you see this is apassage, although one you will have to crawl down.The ground is damp and filthy.</p><p>After three yards, the tunnel leads into a secondchamber, about the same size as the first, althoughthe ceiling is higher. At the far end, the groundslopes up steeply to another narrow crawl-way.There are stick-men images carved crudely into thewalls. Some are old, with travertine depositsblurring their edges. Others are fresh and sharp. Allshow hunters and hunted; the hunters diminutivemen with doglike heads and a tail, the hunted largerand humanoid.</p><p>A yard into the tunnel, a natural pillar divides theway. The left fork has a slightly higher ceiling ofthree feet but is only two feet wide. The right forkis an even tighter squeeze of two feet square.Neither route will permit anyone wearing armour orbulky gear. Even Flannan's bulky leather coatwould have to come off. It is possible to removeitems and push them ahead of you.</p><p>Once you have inched you way around the pillar,two routes are possible. To the right, there is apassage two yards broad and two feet high thatslopes down to a third chamber. Straight ahead,the way is eighteen inches wide a yard high for afew feet. Beyond that, the way widens and slopesdown.</p><p>The floor slopes down into a chamber at leastseven yards long. Thankfully, the ceiling is eightfeet high, a relief after the claustrophobic squeezeyou have just come through. You slither down theslope and get to your feet. Ahead, you see thechamber narrows and then opens out again. Youcan see a faint light ahead.</p></li><li><p>www.michaelamos.net/GURPS 5</p><p>from the limy water. They are similar to the ones inLocation Two, although obviously much older.</p><p>The kobolds do not come here as they dislike the sunlightentering through the opening at Location Five. They viewthe striges as useful guards, since the striges do not feedon reptiles and leave the kobolds well alone.</p><p>The strixes nest of dried grass and leaves can be locatedeasily by the smell; it reeks like a rat's nest. Any playerpoking around will discover a pair of eggs. If these aretaken, it will be possible to hatch out and tame two striges.However, this will require someone with the appropriateinclination and husbandry skills. The player will also pickup a contingent of fleas, which will bite for a while,causing mild irritation. However, strix fleas like strigesand birds, and will not stay on a human for long.</p><p>Location FiveThe light in location four comes from a foot wide, eight-foot high crack leading outside. Dense bushes hid it fromthe player's sight when they were at the main entrance.Humans up to ST 12 can just about squeeze through thisspace. There is nothing else of interest here.</p><p>Location Six</p><p>If the party are wondering where the kobolds are, the firstone is here, hiding behind the pillars. He has been asleep,although the noise of the party has just woken him. Hewill wait until someone attempts to wriggle through thecrawl way, all-out-attack attack once with his hatchet andretreat to Location Seven to raise the alarm. Note that theperson crawling will be at a penalty to their defence, whilethe kobold will have an advantage to hit - see the notes onpage one of this document. Use kobold number 1 from thetable of Basic Kobolds in Appendix A.</p><p>Anyone standing next to the pillars can attempt to attackthe kobold through them at an extra penalty of -2.</p><p>Location sevenIf the kobold from Location Six has retreated, inform theplayers they can hear a series of short barking calls, which</p><p>are rapidly answered. If, by some magic or amazing featof stealth, the party has managed to dispatch the guardsilently, they will be spotted here by the kobolds in theupper gallery describ...</p></li></ul>