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  1. 1. KnowAboutMensSlimSuits Suits are a very important part of a mens clothing. They are the first choice of any men as far as formal wear is concerned and is usually the safest bet for any formal event or a business party. A suit can be defined as a pair of trouser and jacket stitched of similar fabric and is supposed to beworntogetherwithamatchingformalshirttocompletethelook. A suit can be easily classified as single breasted and double breasted suits. Further single breasted suits are narrowed down as twobutton and three button coats. With changing trends and styles, mens suit has also seen several changes although all these changing trends could never alter the hold a suit holds in world of mens clothing. One such change is that of the introductionofslimsuitsformen. Slim suits for men are one of the newest fashion trends in the world of mens suits and are very much in vogue these days, especially among young men. Slim suits for men and a classic suit are very similar in its formal nature, style and stitch. Slim suits for men, are of narrower fit as compared to a classic suit and this comparatively narrow fit gives this formal piece of cloth a slight casual touch. Rest it follows all the rules to be followed while wearing a suit, to inch of cuff shows and about inch of the top of the collar above the jackets collar. Unlike a classic suittrouserwhichhaspleats,aslimsuittrouserhasaflatfrontdesign. Going with the lines of a slimmer fit, the lapel of a slim suit coat is narrower in comparison with a classic suit coat. The most common and popular type of coat in slim suit is two button single breasted design. As far as accessories are concerned, a slim suit is always worn with a slim tie and not a regular tie as a regular tie will give it a bulky look. So, all you men out there who are lookingforacertainchangeintheirformallookgoforaslimsuit.