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  • 1. Inventions
  • 2. Necessity is the mother of invention!! This is an English proverb. It means that difficult situations encourage people to find inventive solutions.
  • 3. What are the most popular inventions nowadays? Phones Cars Ipod Machines Laptops TV Iphone Camera
  • 4. The telephone
  • 5. What is the telephone? Also called the phone. It is a device used to send sound from one person to the other. Makes it possible to talk to people who are far away.
  • 6. Who invented the phone? The phone was invented by a Scottish inventor called Alexander Graham Bell. It was invented in 1876. The first telephone was made in Boston.
  • 7. Phones nowadays Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone. They are very useful because you can bring them everywhere. Mobiles come in a wide range of colours and brands. They also come with cameras, MP3 players and internet.
  • 8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of phones?
  • 9. Crazy inventions
  • 10. Cool inventions