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  • 1.5 new amazing inventions thatwill doom humanity The presentation was madeby the pupils of the 9-B form Group- InventorsYermak A, Milayeva A, Saphonenko E. Nikitenko A. Educational Complex 5 Energodar

2. Aim: To examine some new inventionsthat will most likely revolutionizethe modern way of life. To decide if they can bring the endof the world closer. 3. Computer Assisted Memory Computer assisted memory is arecent goal, in that the very ideaitself didnt crop up until westarted pretty much practicing itanyway. From the still far-off goalof silicon enhanced artificialneurons, to the shaky present-day experiments alreadyunderway that simplyphotograph your days andarchive them in search abledatabases - computer assistedmemory, in one shape oranother, is going to happen. 4. How This Will Change The World: If you could remembereverything no foreign languagewould ever get rusty, no keyswould ever be lost, noanniversary would ever beforgotten and hastily covered forby purchasing last minute gifts atthe gas station. With an archival memory system,even death wouldnt be the end;your every thought and memorycould be accessed by anybody,anywhere, forever. No genius, artist or visionarywould ever be truly lost again. 5. Artificial Brain Artificial Intelligence is a staple of science fiction thrillers Henry Markram, director of the Blue Brain Project, claims that scientists will most likely perfect the artificial human brain in the next decade. Scientists have already got the first elements of an artificial rat brain nailed down which, incidentally, might explain why the Internet keeps hissing at us and scurrying into the corner. 6. How This Will Change The World: The artificial brain will give the ability to solve philosophical questions how to treat mental impairments and even the elimination of pharmaceutical drugexperimentation on humans. 7. Love/Anti-Love Pill An American neuroscientist LarryYoung is operating under thetheory that love is a chemicalstate like any other, and can becontrolled as such. Young has also stumbled ontosomething potentially world-changing, because oxytocin hasalready shown similar effects inhuman patients. 8. How This Will Change The World: If you could just turn off the heartbreak with a pill or hook up with thefirst person you see all you problems would be solved. Also, emo bands would probably shut up, so thats a clear win. 9. Flame Drills A man named Jared Potter has recently developed a pair of flame drillsthat operate at temperatures of 3200 and 7200 degrees, respectively.Thats hot enough to pretty well burn through anything, but rather thanmounting them on the front of a spike-treaded tank and driving it intothe UN to deliver his list of demands. 10. How This Will Change the World: If were able to cheaply and efficiently burrowdeeper into the Earths crust than ever before, wecan tap past the earths crust to the chewy center,where a sea of molten rock lies waiting to power theflying cars of the future. The chief downside to using all that glowing hotearth juice as an energy source has always beenlocation. 11. Warp Drive Star Trek is a new awesome method of space travel. The term "warp travel" generally refers to a sort of jury-rigged workaround for the physical speed limit set by Einsteins Theory of Relativity In "warp travel one would propel space itself around a ship rather than power the ship through space.Take that, Physics, take it all! 12. How This Will Change the World: The great thing is that interstellar travel could very well be a possibility,as the fundamentals of a warp drive are being nailed down by some ofthe brightest minds in the world right now. Truly feasible interstellar travel could well traverse that last great step forhumanity: The creation of a global society. 13. Conclusion: If these new inventions are not thrown intothe trash, well turn into the artificialmemory monster without feelings who canmake interstellar travel (where are greatamount of black holes) and volcaniceruption, earthquakes and crustedinstability on his/her own planet- the Earth.Yes, it will be the end of the world! 14. to prove that the invention can have both negative and positive effects Sources:http://images.yandex.ua/yandsearchhttp://www.cracked.com/blog/5-amazing-new-inventions-that-will-doom-humanity/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmxxsf_AJ3whttp://www.cracked.com/blogimages/2009/08/flame3.jpghttp://cdn-www.cracked.com/articleimages/dan/brockway/physics.jpghttp://www.cracked.com/blogimages/2009/08/brain1.jpghttp://www.cracked.com/blogimages/2009/08/brain2.jpghttp://www.cracked.com/blogimages/2009/08/memory1.jpghttp://www.cracked.com/blogimages/2009/08/memory3.jpghttp://im7-tub-ua.yandex.net/i?id=287201573-52-72&n=21