internet censorship. what is internet censorship control or suppression of publishing or accessing...

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Internet Censorship

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  • Internet Censorship
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  • What is Internet Censorship Control or suppression of publishing or accessing information on the Internet Legal issues Moral Military Political Religious Corporate
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  • How long has it been around Censorship has been around for many hundred years now. China and Israel used it in the 400's as a legitimate way to retain moral and political power. It was even around during Ancient Roman times in 440 BC. Socrates was sentenced to drink poison in 399 BC because he talked about the existence of other divinities.
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  • Since those times, censorship has played a very important role in history and is currently doing the same.
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  • Internet Censorship Nominally censored United States, United Kingdom, France, India Illegal sites Obscene content (i.e. pornography, graphic violence) Rebel sites Heavily Censored Republic of China Tibetan independence, Taiwan independence, blog sites, certain international news sources Iran, Cuba, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, North Korea Small percentage have access to internet which is heavily regulated by the government
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  • Internet Censorship Around The World No Censorship Some Censorship Under Surveillance Internet Black Holes (most heavily censored)
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  • The Positives Can prevent numerous illegal activities Scamming, child pornography, identity theft, etc. Makes the internet safer for children National Security Can protect intellectual property
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  • Criticisms Does it violate ones individual rights? Does censoring certain material in fact provide an incentive for people to access that censored material? Does censoring better society? Can censorship be associated with communism, the very type of government we try to avoid?
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  • Opinions Censorship is needed to a certain extant Obscene material Pornography As long as human rights arent violated Blogs Information