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Here are a roundup of my favorite Instagram Insights and my biggest Instagram Irritations. All in an easy to digest and appealing format. Now you can be even better at Instagram and be a master of Instagram etiquette.


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2. Using ImagesFrom Google#InstagramIrritationsInstagram is about your own content. Dont stealimages off of Google and share them to Instagram.Be more creative! 3. Create ContentExclusively ForInstagram#InstagramInsightsIf you shareeverything fromInstagram to allyour other sites,people have noreason to follow youon Instagram. 4. Posting TooMany PhotosBack-to-Back#InstagramIrritationsIf you have numerous photos to share,space them out by intervals of an hour ormore. No one wants their Instagramfeed taken captive by your posts. 5. Set Your InstagramAccount to Publicfor Business Use#InstagramInsightsIf using Instagram for business, makesure people can see your content andinteract immediately. Dont lock themout by setting your account to private. 6. Playing the Follow/Unfollow Game toGet More Followers#InstagramIrritationsFollowing others just to unfollow them is just plainrude and selfish. Instagram is not a race to get themost followers. 7. Using a reposting app will provide the original postattribution and ensure your audience knows the photocame from someone else. You dont want to getblamed for stealing!Use Repost Appsto Share OthersInstagram Posts#InstagramInsights 8. Ignoring or NotResponding toComments#InstagramIrritationsInstagram is about engagement and interaction. Butits not just fun & games. Ignoring those who leavecomments or questions is bad customer service. 9. Use the Reply option or @mention the person when respondingto their comments on your posts.This ensures they receive anotification and see your [email protected] PeopleWhen RespondingTo Their Comments#InstagramInsights 10. Tagging PeopleNot In The Photo#InstagramIrritationsIf you tag people in your posts (that are notactually in the photo), trying to get moreexposure, youre going to get yourself blockedand reported for spam. 11. Likes Increase by24% If The DominantColor is Blue#InstagramInsightsFind ways to incorporate more blue intoyour images and test to see if using bluereally does work better for you. 12. Buying followers is reckless, ridiculous, anddishonest. Youre actually hurting your brandby using this practice. Just dont do it!Buying Followers#InstagramIrritations 13. Incorporate videos into your Instagramstrategy. They get twice as many likes as photos!Videos GenerateTwice the Engagement#InstagramInsights 14. Promoting YourselfOn Other Posts#InstagramIrritationsAdvertising your products or services, unsolicited, onother peoples posts is predatory and you are aspamaholic. STOP doing it! 15. Hashtags significantly increase thereach and engagement of yourInstagram posts. Incorporating 10-15relevant hashtags will show dramaticincreases in likes and comments.Use 10-15 HashtagsPer Post#InstagramInsights 16. Using hashtags unrelated toyour post or business, just toshow up in popular searchesmakes you look hungry anddesperate. Stick to relevanthashtags only.Hashjacking#InstagramIrritations 17. To expand the immediate reach andlong-term shelf-life of your posts,combine a variety of popular,moderately popular, and less popularhashtags on your posts.Combine Popular andLess Popular Hashtags#InstagramInsights 18. Not Utilizing ThePost Caption#InstagramIrritationsYour post means something. Itsays something. But dontleave the caption blank andexpect us to know what itsabout. Use descriptive captionsto connect with your audience. 19. Add Spacing toYour Post Captions#InstagramInsightsAndroid users can add spacing by hitting thereturn/enter key when typing their captions.iOS users can create this effect by typing theircaption in a Note and copying & pasting itinto the Instagram post upload. 20. Post CaptionsAre Too Long#InstagramIrritationsYou have 2200 characters available for yourpost captions. But people arent on Instagramto read a novel. Try to keep captions tounder 500 characters. 21. Google Analytics wont recognizeInstagram referral traffic. Using atrackable link allows you to accuratelymeasure traffic from Instagram.Use a CustomTrackable URL In YourInstagram Profile#InstagramInsights 22. Selfie Overload#InstagramIrritationsNo one wants to see your face every time they log intoInstagram. Keep the selfies to a respectable minimum. 23. IrritationsInsightsInstagramIrritations#InstagramInsightsAll photos in this presentation were taken by me. Allgraphics are my own creative designs. All copyrights tothese graphics and this presentation are retained byJenn Herman.