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<ul><li> 1. INFORMATIONINFORMATION MANAGEMENTMANAGEMENT Dennis M. McCurnin, DVMDennis M. McCurnin, DVM Diplomate, ACVSDiplomate, ACVS Louisiana State UniversityLouisiana State University </li> <li> 2. RESOURCE FORRESOURCE FOR COMPUTER SOFTWARECOMPUTER SOFTWARE INFORMATION:INFORMATION: AAHA TRENDS MAGAZINEAAHA TRENDS MAGAZINE (July/August Issue)(July/August Issue) </li> <li> 3. VENDOR IFORMATION*VENDOR IFORMATION* Vet. Software Industry is 30 + yearsVet. Software Industry is 30 + years oldold 4040 Companies in business in 2010Companies in business in 2010 Most practices are now computerizedMost practices are now computerized ( 99% )( 99% ) **AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug, 2010AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug, 2010 </li> <li> 4. COMPUTERCOMPUTER DEVELOPMENTDEVELOPMENT Europe Medical Records withEurope Medical Records with DVM inputDVM input U.S. Financial Reports with staffU.S. Financial Reports with staff inputinput </li> <li> 5. MEETS SOFTWARE NEEDS*MEETS SOFTWARE NEEDS* 1. ImproMed 3.91. ImproMed 3.9 2. Cornerstone 3.72. Cornerstone 3.7 3. IntraVet 3.73. IntraVet 3.7 4. AVImark 3.74. AVImark 3.7 5. DVMax5. DVMax 3.03.0 Scale 1-5 5= bestScale 1-5 5= best *AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug, 2010*AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug, 2010 </li> <li> 6. HOW DO THE SYSTEMS RATE?*HOW DO THE SYSTEMS RATE?* (Would Recommend)(Would Recommend) 1.1. AVImark 79%AVImark 79% 2.2. ImproMed 79%ImproMed 79% 3.3. Cornerstone 70%Cornerstone 70% 4. IntraVet4. IntraVet 59%59% *AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug, 2010*AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug, 2010 </li> <li> 7. RATINGS OF OVERALLRATINGS OF OVERALL SUPPORT*SUPPORT* 1. ImproMed 4.21. ImproMed 4.2 2. Cornerstone 3.72. Cornerstone 3.7 3. AVImark 3.53. AVImark 3.5 4. IntraVet4. IntraVet 3.43.4 (Scale 1-5 5= best)(Scale 1-5 5= best) *AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug, 2010*AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug, 2010 </li> <li> 8. STAFF TRAINING*STAFF TRAINING* In all systems, about 75% ofIn all systems, about 75% of responders reported it took 2 - 3responders reported it took 2 - 3 weeks to learn the system.weeks to learn the system. *AAHA TRENDS, JUL-AUG. 2010*AAHA TRENDS, JUL-AUG. 2010 </li> <li> 9. HOW MUCH DID YOU PAYHOW MUCH DID YOU PAY FOR THE SOFTWARE?*FOR THE SOFTWARE?* 1.1. Cornerstone $11,295Cornerstone $11,295 2.2. DVMax 7,800DVMax 7,800 3.3. DVM Manager 6,925DVM Manager 6,925 4.4. ImproMed 5,800ImproMed 5,800 5.5. IntraVet 4,750IntraVet 4,750 6.6. AVImark 3,999AVImark 3,999 AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug 2009AAHA Trends, Jul/Aug 2009 * All options and 7 workstations* All options and 7 workstations </li> <li> 10. SELECTION PROCESSSELECTION PROCESS 1.1. Kind of information you wantKind of information you want 2.2. Visit other practicesVisit other practices 3.3. Involve all staffInvolve all staff 4.4. Cost of support agreementCost of support agreement 5.5. Response time/AvailabilityResponse time/Availability </li> <li> 11. SELECTION PROCESSSELECTION PROCESS 6.6. Hardware neededHardware needed 7.7. Networking needsNetworking needs 8.8. BudgetBudget 9.9. Cost of old data conversionCost of old data conversion 10.10. How long to convert dataHow long to convert data </li> <li> 12. SELECTION PROCESSSELECTION PROCESS 11.11. Cost of trainingCost of training 12.12. Frequency and cost of updatesFrequency and cost of updates 13.13. End of day and end of monthEnd of day and end of month reportsreports 14.14. Documentation providedDocumentation provided 15.15. Buy hardware and softwareBuy hardware and software </li> <li> 13. SELECTION PROCESSSELECTION PROCESS 16.16. Customize reportsCustomize reports 17.17. GuaranteeGuarantee 18.18. Number of site licensesNumber of site licenses </li> <li> 14. HOW TO MAKEHOW TO MAKE DECISION?DECISION? 1.1. Desired featuresDesired features 2.2. Recommendation from peerRecommendation from peer 3.3. Reputation of companyReputation of company 4.4. Response time and cost ofResponse time and cost of supportsupport 5.5. PricePrice </li> <li> 15. Practice Management SystemPractice Management System (Use at 15% level)(Use at 15% level) </li> <li> 16. Information ManagementInformation Management Invoicing/ Billing/ EstimatesInvoicing/ Billing/ Estimates Reminders ( call cell phone? )Reminders ( call cell phone? ) Appointment SchedulingAppointment Scheduling Medical Records (*security)Medical Records (*security) Inventory ManagementInventory Management PayrollPayroll On-line ServicesOn-line Services Diagnostic DatabaseDiagnostic Database Administrative Reports ( Backup Inform.)Administrative Reports ( Backup Inform.) ChartsCharts GraphsGraphs TrendsTrends </li> <li> 17. PRACTICE PROFILE REPORTPRACTICE PROFILE REPORT Average Revenue per doctorAverage Revenue per doctor Average Sales per clientAverage Sales per client % of clients had sales% of clients had sales Top 50 clientsTop 50 clients Average $ spent:Average $ spent: CanineCanine FelineFeline EquineEquine </li> <li> 18. INTERNETINTERNET INFORMATIONINFORMATION www.www.NCVEI.ORGNCVEI.ORG 38 management38 management data toolsdata tools free to AVMAfree to AVMA membersmembers </li> <li> 19. MEDICAL RECORDSMEDICAL RECORDS Using Medical RecordsUsing Medical Records templates can reduce thetemplates can reduce the time to create a newtime to create a new medical record by 75%.medical record by 75%. AAHA Trends July/August, 2009AAHA Trends July/August, 2009 </li> <li> 20. BASIC IMAGINGBASIC IMAGING Pets PicturePets Picture InvoiceInvoice PersonalizedPersonalized CorrespondenceCorrespondence Estimates (Tx Plan)Estimates (Tx Plan) Check-in reportCheck-in report Prescription labelPrescription label Nutrition profileNutrition profile </li> <li> 21. Patient AdvisorPatient Advisor </li> <li> 22. ReleaseRelease InstructionInstruction </li> <li> 23. CORNERSTONESCORNERSTONES PATIENT ADVISOR MODULEPATIENT ADVISOR MODULE </li> <li> 24. VET LAB MODULEVET LAB MODULE </li> <li> 25. VET LAB MODULEVET LAB MODULE No more missed feesNo more missed fees Improve accuracyImprove accuracy Standardize result historyStandardize result history </li> <li> 26. ON-LINE USAGEON-LINE USAGE Email ( &lt; 80% )Email ( &lt; 80% ) Medical Reference www.:Medical Reference www.:; (NOAH); (NOAH) ( PM Ref. )( PM Ref. ) Specialist Consult.Specialist Consult. Industry WebsitesIndustry Websites Practice WebsitesPractice Websites </li> <li> 27. SUCCESSFULSUCCESSFUL PRACTICES USEPRACTICES USE THE COMPUTERTHE COMPUTER MORE THAN AMORE THAN A PRACTICE THAT ISPRACTICE THAT IS LESS SUCCESSFUL.LESS SUCCESSFUL. </li> <li> 28. Questions?Questions? </li> </ul>