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Photography and Digital Manipulation Will Morgan 1 Image Processing and Techniques

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Photography and Digital ManipulationWill Morgan1Image Processing and TechniquesPixelation

What could cause this to occur?Pixelation could occur when the camera taking the photo is not up to a high enough quality to take the photo and so the images become pixelated. Another reason pixelation could occur is that the photographer isn't using the right zoom setting or other camera settings so that the image will pixelate and look like it is a lower quality.What preventable measures are there?One preventable measure of pixelation is to use a different , and higher quality camera with more mega pixels so that the quality is higher. Another preventable measure of pixelation is that you can zoom in and take the photo without having to crop later.Finally, how could you fix it?One way we could fix this problem by using Photoshop is using the by cubic smoother tool and resizing the image to include more pixels which gives the image more detail. Colour Casts

What could cause this to occur?One reason why colour casts could occur is with the photographer using the wrong setting which means the image will completely be changed and the white balance will be different. Another reason why white balance could occur is the lighting settings when taking a photo could change the image.What preventable measures are there?One preventable measure of colour casts is to make sure that the white balance setting is completely correct and is correct for the light setting. Another preventable measure of colour casts is to use the correct lighting when taking a photo. E.g. using the wrong type of lights in a studio.Finally, how could you fix it?To fix the problem in Photoshop you could use the photo filter tool which changes the main colour of the image which allows you to get the effect you want.Picture Damage

What could cause this to occur?One thing that could of caused picture damage is that the lense or camera sensor is damaged or has a scratch on it. This could mean the camera only gets part of the image you want. Another reason why picture damage could occur is that the lense is dirty and/or not working from old age. What preventable measures are there?One measure to prevent picture damage is to keep you camera and lense dirt free and to use lense covers to stop scratch's. Another measure you could take to prevent picture damage is to replace old parts and old cameras with new updated equipment.Finally, how could you fix it?One way in Photoshop that you could fix this problem is by using the clone stamp tool and the spot healing brush tool , these tools help fix picture damage because they cover up scars and big differences in colour.Over or Underexposed Images

Here we see a overexposed image on the left which is too white. On the right we can see the altered image so that it looks a lot more realistic and is better exposed.What could cause this to occur?One reason why over or underexpose could occur is because the photographer has used the wrong camera setting so that under or over exposure occurs. Another reason why over or underexposure could occur is that there is a lack or too much light in a image which affects the camera.What preventable measures are there?One method to prevent over or under exposure is to make sure the camera is on the correct setting so that it does not occur. Another method to prevent over or under exposure is too make sure your image doesnt have too much light or not enough lightFinally, how could you fix it?You can fix this problem by using the layers tool in Photoshop. This tool adds or takes away light so that the image then looks natural.


EvaluationHow did you create your image?By taking pictures in a circle motion to get the whole view of something. I made sure that my photos were level and that the settings were on manual for the photos. Manual settings are important to make sure all images have the same exposure and look similar. I then used the photo merge tool on Photoshop. This put all the pictures together and made them into a panorama. I then had to crop the image so that it looked level and straight.What would you improve if you did it again?One thing I would improve if I did it again is to make sure that all my settings are correct and the light bar is on zero so that I dont get under or exposed images. Hockney Joiner

EvaluationHow did you create your image? I created my image by taking lots of zoomed in pictures of the same thing but in different areas and then putting the images together to make all the images together show one thing. I put the images together in Photoshop using the photo merge tool. This tool arranges all the images in the correct order so that it looks good. What would you improve if you did it again?One thing I would improve if I did this again would be being more careful when taking my images and using reference points more so that my images are straight and dont overlap too much. Photo Montage

I have done a simple sky replacement to improve the look of the sky.

In this photo, I have added a death star to the picture. This is too show that you can add what you want to any image using Photoshop.Photo Montage

In this photo I have added a Dacia Sandero to the picture for entertainment purposes. EvaluationHow did you create your image?I created my death star image by firstly , finding a death star pic on the internet and using the quick selection tool in Photoshop to remove it from its background. I then placed the image onto the mountain image and placed it in the top left hand corner. I then changed the opacity to fade it slightly and make it look like it was in the distance. Adding things onto photos can be useful for humour or entertainment purposes. What would you improve if you did it again?One thing that I would improve if I did it again is to utilise all the tools available to me on Photoshop. A reason why I think this is that I thought I may be using the wrong tool for the wrong job which means it could of taken a lot longer to do a task then it should of.Colourised Image

Colourised Image

The original image.The recolored version version.A real life picture in colour.The colour of the engine that I have put the black and white image into and the real life colour will be different because in the black and white photo , the engine will have be oily , dirty and have faded paintwork , yet the real life picture of the engine is when the engine will have been cleaned and polished so the paint looks a lot more shiny.EvaluationWhat tools did you use to create your images?For the re-colourisation of the black and white photos I used a range of different tools for different purposes. For adding colour to big areas you could use the quick selection tool , this enables you to highlight large areas to fill with colour. For small and precise areas you use the magic wand tool. This enables you to re colourise small areas of a image from black and white to colour.How did you utilise file formats?One way I utilised file formats is that I changed all my Photoshop files into jpegs for use on PowerPoints and putting on USBs. This is because Jpegs are smaller file sizes and take quicker to load up which is a big benefit. Also , anyone can open Jpeg files but you need Photoshop to open a Photoshop file which means its not accessible for everyone who wants to look at the file.EvaluationWas there any ethical issues?No, I dont believe there was any ethical issues concerning my work. One place where an ethical issue may have come up is when you add things onto other pictures using Photoshop. Some images/graphics that can be added may have caused offence to some people. When doing this part of the project , I tried not to cause and offence to any race or religion. What would you improve if you did it again?One thing that I would improve if I did it again is too compare black and white photos to coloured photos so that I colour in parts of the pictures in the correct colour or shade so that it looks as real as possible.