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Many organizations are not yet confident in their strategy for moving into the cloud, with some recognizing that they may never move all of their workloads into the cloud. Hybrid solutions are an option to help bridge the gap between existing environments and net-new workloads, but there are many different “flavors” to choose from. The intent of this session is to help IT business decision makers and their management teams understand the various SharePoint hybrid options available today, discussing issues like identity management and authentication, federated search, storage optimization, and the expansion of social tools, like Yammer. The goal is to give people a running start on building out their cloud strategies, with real-world examples of how to make the transition. Originally presented at SharePoint Connect 2014 in Amsterdam on Nov 18, 2014.


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2. Christian BuckleyManaging Director, Americascbuck@gtconsult.comwww.buckleyplanet.com@buckleyplanet 3. Collaboration has evolved 4. SharePoint Growth & EvolutionSharePoint ReleasesMetadataContent 5. http://www.eweek.com/small-business/public-it-cloud-services-spending-to-reach-108-billion-by-2017-idc.html 6. Organizing for the Cloud 7. 8. 9. A recent survey by UBS AG of 101 CIOs in theU.S. and Europe found that more than halfwould move some workloads to a publiccloud, but it would be a gradual process, whilea third of respondents said they were movingto a public cloud as quickly as possible.(Wall Street Journal, July 16, 2014) 10. Is there risk in movingmy data to the cloud? 11. of workers used an unsanctioned cloud servicefor document storage in the last 6 months 41%87%$1.8of these workers knew their company hadpolicies forbidding such practices(billion) estimated annual cost to remedythe data lossNew Mobile Survey Reveals 41% of Employees Are Deliberately Leaking Confidential Data http://onforb.es/18h92Nv 12. According to IDC: 74% expect their cloud service tobe able to move a cloud offeringback on-premise if needed. 63% expect to have a single majorcloud service provider. 67% expect to purchase a widevariety of services from a singlevendor. 84% want an establishedrelationship with a vendor to trustthem as a cloud service provider. 13. Of course, migrations could be faster 14. While migrationscan be slow,Microsoft has options 15. 16. On Premises Cloud 17. On Premises Cloud 18. On Premises Cloud 19. On Premises CloudADAzureAD 20. On Premises Cloud 21. On Premises Cloud 22. Partner Hosted PrivateCloud Dedicated environment Externally hosted Externally or internallymanaged Internally designedSelf HostedPrivate Cloud Dedicated environment Internally hosted Internally managed Internally designedShared or DedicatedPublic Cloud Shard or dedicatedenvironment Externally hosted Externally managed Externally designedDedicatedPublic Cloud Partially or fully dedicated Externally hosted Externally or internallymanaged Minimal customizationhttp://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/4633.what-is-infrastructure-as-a-service.aspxTraditionalon premises 23. Private Cloud Hybrid CloudInfrastructuremaintained solelyfor customerOn premises or offManaged by thecustomer, or by a3rd party hosterMultipleinfrastructureoptionsComponents bothon premises andoff premisesManagementspread betweencustomer and 3rdparty hostersPublic CloudInfrastructureshared by multiplecustomersOff premisesManaged by 3rdparty on behalf ofcustomers 24. Standardized (packaged) platform Provided with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Minimal customization Both software and hardware infrastructureprovided within the service 25. Architectural and development access to application services,storage, and application runtime Infrastructure Service Level Agreements (SLAs), but workmust be conducted within agreed framework Some customizations allowed, within framework Both software and hardware infrastructureprovided within the service 26. Virtualized hardware and software, includingservers, storage, and network infrastructure All components delivered as metered services(pay per use) Complete application controland customization 27. Size and geographical distribution of an organization can affect cloud adoption. Regulatory compliance and governance requirements can limit cloud options. External collaboration may require on prem farms. Service-level agreements (SLAs) may limit cloud options. Enables customers to use preferred features from SharePoint 2013 on prem andSharePoint Online. It is important to understand the ROI of any proposed solution (and the cost of change). Hybrid may be more of a transitional environment from on prem to the cloud.http://www.sharepointnutsandbolts.com/2014/02/office-365-sharepoint-hybrid-what-you-do-and-do-not-get.html 28. Location / facilitiesOn Premises Cloud HybridNeed space andmaintenance planning Most likely providedSoftware licensesand supportLicensing costs, butalso upgrades andongoing supportIncluded in vendor-hostedsolutionsHardware andmaintenanceNeed to purchase,support and maintain,and upgrade asplatform maturesIncluded in vendor-hostedsolutionsOnsite support,personnel skillsAdministrative,developer, and enduser skills and trainingStill requiresadministrative andpossibly dev skills,end user trainingNeed space andmaintenance planningLicensing costs, butalso upgrades andongoing supportNeed to purchase,support and maintain,and upgrade asplatform maturesAdministrative,developer, and enduser skills and training 29. Level ofOn Premises Cloud Hybridcustomization Full controlLimited to none inSaaS, some controlover PaaS, full controlover IaaSLimited ability tointegrate dependingon SaaS, PaaS, or IaaSGovernance,auditing, security,complianceMany limitations OTB,but very robust toolsfrom partnersLimitedVery complex acrosson prem and cloudcomponents, verymanualDisaster Recoveryand BusinessContinuityNeeds to be planned,limited features OTBDefined in SLAsUpgrades andmigrationSome OTB capabilities,3rd party for tightercontrol andpredictabilityMicrosoftrecommends 3rdparty toolsVery complex acrosson prem and cloudcomponents, verymanualSome OTB capabilities,3rd party for tightercontrol andpredictability 30. 31. 32. 33. http://bit.ly/1sr15P8http://bit.ly/1h4EL99http://slidesha.re/1AiLkgFhttp://bit.ly/1pvKo4Zhttp://bit.ly/1t1fnVXhttp://bit.ly/1oNAK8Ohttp://bit.ly/1kFAwFBhttp://bit.ly/1ecuEdwhttp://bit.ly/1AiLqF3http://bit.ly/XmqBIchttp://onforb.es/18h92Nvhttp://bit.ly/1f26hFmhttp://bit.ly/1bxabDQ 34. Thank you!cbuck@gtconsult.comwww.buckleyplanet.com@buckleyplanet