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SharePoint Saturday Genve - Template

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Hybrid Productivity Solution Technical Case StudyVinay Gandhi

SharePoint Saturday Genve 3 Dcembre 2016

Vinay GandhiMicrosoft Solutions Architect SharePoint | Office 365 | Azure

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SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016Mitchells & Butlers owns around 1,600 outlets (pubs, bars and restaurants) throughout the UK.They own around 17 brands with separate marketing campaigns and operating modelsEach outlet is managed by a General Manager Collection of outlet are overseen by Regional Business Managers (RBMs) with remit to:increase profitability and reduce lossesenhance efficiencyincrease process compliance

Mitchells & Butlers



SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Business Challenges

Inflation of raw materialsCustomer price sensitivityProperty Rental and Maintenance CostsEconomic Pressures

Health & SafetyFood SafetyEmployment Regulation#Increasing Regulation

Cheap off-trade pricesHighly competitive marketNew entrants, mergers & acquisitions%Competitive Pressures

Smoking ban Decline in drinkingIncreasing food vs drink sales@Social Changes


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Operational Challenges

Paper based Business Checks for complianceFood temperature check / Delivery checksCan be done by GMs at the end of day or next day

Email or phone based communication between head officeWastage of human resources across 1600 outlets / 17 brands

No centralised task management systemTask were send by emailsLegal or emergency task were tracked by phone or email responses

Absence of KPI based reportingReports were send out as PDFsSeparate packs prepared for GM, RBMS, Retail and Business Directors


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Business GoalsImprove Operational EfficiencyReduce wasteIncrease yield per guestReduce operating costs

Increase Guest SatisfactionMaintain high qualityIncrease guest recommendations

Improved Compliance and RegulationAudit compliance & food safety checksReporting & Intervention



SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Solution Building Blocks

User friendly mobile application to complete business checks

Centralised Task Management System to assign trackable tasks to all outlets

KPI based reporting system to aggregate data from LOB systems to present ONE view

Enterprise collaboration platform and social network


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Technology Building Blocks

Hybrid SharePoint / SSIS application for task managementTask Management

SharePoint Online Team sites and YammerCollaboration

Nintex mobile app to submit online and offline forms

Business Checks

SSIS, SQL DWH and Excel Services and SharePoint Online for KPI ReportingKPI Reporting


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Solution Architecture


Business Checks

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Business ChecksRequirements1600 outlets* 365 days * 15 checks * 5 times per day ~ 4 million rows per year

Forms need to be mobile friendly and user friendly

Most outlets have Wi-Fi black out zones

Business checks forms to be designed by business usersSharePoint Power UserWYSIWYGSolution ApproachCompared Nintex, Formotus and Custom Development options to choose Nintex mobile forms:Highly customisable forms using WYSIWYG editorDifferent layout for different form factors / resolutionsData submitted to SharePoint list that power user can instantly viewCost of per user licence1 list per business checkCreated a bespoke solution to drain data from SharePoint list to on-premise SQL Data Ware House using:SSISCSOM API


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Business Checks


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Business ChecksEnd to End


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Business ChecksScreenshotsMobile Forms

EHO Report

Daily Dashboard for GM


Task Management

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Task Management SystemRequirementsTasks1600 outlets* 365 days * 2 tasks per day ~1m rows per yearTask can be assigned to collection of pubs, regions, brandsEmergency task need be highlightedPlanned tasks are part of brand calendarTasks must be tracked and reported on

Brand CalendarsOutlook calendar were usedBrand Calendar are distinct for each brand / 17 brands

Solution ApproachTasksCreated a bespoke system using SharePoint lists managed metadata, SSIS packages and excel services to assign and track tasks

Brand CalendarUsed out of the box calendar list template with calendar overlays and filtered views to display brand activity calendars


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Task Management SystemEnd to End


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Task Management SystemTasks

Comms team assign about 5 to 10 thousands tasks in weekEmergency task are highlighted on Outlet home


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

JQuery WebPartVisual Webpart for SharePointOnline

1. Develop the HTML and upload into the html folder in site asset library2. Develop the CSS and upload the file in CSS folder in site asset library3. Develop a simple JS file with following code and upload the file in JS folder in site asset library

4. Edit a page and add script editor webpart to add code similar as below5. From here one can use JSOM skills, JavaScript, JQuery skills to pull data from SP lists and present in what ever way they like


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Task Management SystemBrand Activity Calendar


KPI Reporting

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

KPI ReportingRequirementsData from 10 lines of business applications

All the existing systems are on-premise and can produce data feed

Single view of data

Aggregate data to present KPI figures for RBMs and Regional DirectorsPeople, Guest, Sales and Waste

Dashboarding capability with ability to drill downSolution ApproachData sources will produce consistent timely data feeds in CSV format

SSIS will run the ETL process to transform the database for reporting purpose

SSIS scheduled package will create the report for based on excel template

Excel report uploaded to document libraries

KPI figures for regions and outlets are directly updated in SharePoint lists

Connected web-parts and Visual JQuery webparts are used to view the excel services dashboards and KPI measurements


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

KPI ReportingEnd to End


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

KPI ReportingScreenshots


Hospitality Solution

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Hospitality Solutions


SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Hospitality Solutions



SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016Nintex Mobile Forms

SharePoint Online lists can handle large volume of data

Visual Webpart for SharePointOnline

Hybrid BI solution with on-premise database and integration services




SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

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SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

Part I : Introduction

SharePoint Saturday Genve 2016

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