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<p>Introducing a New Product</p> <p><br /><br /><br /><br />Community Mapping Project<br /><br /><br /></p> <p>CoombsBritish Columbia</p> <p>Description</p> <p>Located on Highway 4 enroute to Tofino and Port Alberni, Vancouver Island BC </p> <p>Approximately 1300 residents</p> <p>Un-incorporated </p> <p>History</p> <p>Settled in 1910 by the Salvation Army immigrants.Named after Canadian Commissioner Thomas Coombs</p> <p>General Store and Post office serving since 1910</p> <p>Recreation</p> <p>Cameron Lake, Mount Arrowsmith,Cathedral Falls Rainforest,Little Falls Provincial Park,Little Qualicum Spawning Channel, Golf</p> <p>Tourism</p> <p>Bluegrass</p> <p>Fiddling</p> <p>Kulth Music Fest </p> <p>World Parrot Sanctuary, Rabbit Rescue</p> <p>Monuments</p> <p>Butterfly World,Emerald Forest Bird Garden,</p> <p>Agriculture </p> <p>Rodeo</p> <p>4-H</p> <p>Assets</p> <p>People</p> <p>Fairgrounds</p> <p>Grace United Church</p> <p>Old Country Market</p> <p>Assets Cont'd</p> <p>Veterinary Hospital</p> <p>Close Proximity to Medical services</p> <p>Restaurants</p> <p>Goats on the Roof</p> <p>Strengths </p> <p>People</p> <p>Community</p> <p>University of Victoria Rabbits Rescue</p> <p>Faith</p> <p>Faith was something at the foundation of the Coombs community and is still taken very seriously.</p> <p>Capacities</p> <p>Industrial Business Growth due to less rules in the unincorporated status of Village</p> <p>Tourism Booming</p> <p>Close Proximity to Amenities</p> <p>Needs and Problems</p> <p>Is dependent on other municipalities services'</p> <p>Winter is a slower time in Tourism. </p>