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How to Say

to Your Customer

Its great for a customer service team to be able to fulfill customers needs and wants, but sometimes they just couldnt or shouldnt for whatever reasons that may be.

In dealing with situation like this, its best then for them to know how to refuse such requests politely. Find out how you can teach your customer service team to say no to customers:

Step 1 All ears to their request and demandFirst things first, listen to your customer problems or requests in full. Dont try to retort or say no right away.

Step 2 Decline with respectAfter you listen to their demand and understand it well enough, its time for you now to make a decision. If the answer is no, just honestly say it though with some degree of respect and modesty, of course.

Step 3 Explain the limitation and focus on what you canThrough explanations and focus on what you can do, customers are likely to accept your answer without being upset, since you show our effort to help them as much as possible.

Suggesting them other alternatives is a great way for both parties to reach a win-win situation. These alternatives may be in the forms of similar product or service they are looking for.Step 4 Lure them to other alternatives

Opening yourself up to critique and suggestion will lessen their disappointment when you need to say no, since customers expect to be understood and heard through their feedback.Step 5 Open for feedback

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