three key ingredients that help your customer say "yes!"

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Your website and other digital marketing materials can do a lot of heavy lifting -- IF you give your copy the attention it needs and deserves.


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Three Key Ingredients

that Help Your Customers

Say Yes

Hello, Im Tea (aka The Chef)

20+ years in marketing

Author of Attract & Feed a Hungry Crowd

Passionate about food & stories

Proprietress of


Before You Start 1. Make sure you have an

AWESOME product that people want/need

2. You've done the requisite homework to understand

Your Ideal Client The Marketplace Your Competitors

Ingredient #1

Get the Eye Balls

Theres a LOT of Content Out There

We now generate as much information every two days as was generated from the beginning of recorded time to 2003.

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO (2009)

It Starts with Your Headline

Okay headline:

Send large files to your friends

Better headline (More Specific): The Absolute Easiest Way to Send Super Large Files

For More, See:

Use Compelling Images

Compelling Images

Bridge language gaps

Capture attention

Boost shareability

Increase value on social media

Take time to find, create (dont rush it!)

Ingredient #2

Keep Their Attention

Reader Friendly Format

Simple language Very specific Scanable Shorter is better than


Sections Subheadings Sentences 6 to 16 words No jargon!

Dont Write Like This

ABC Company leverages flexible, scalable financial

management systems to improve organizational performance. We use industry-standard methodologies

to select and implement best of breed financial systems with inherent functional best practices and leading-

edge, industry-specific capabilities needed to effectively adapt to change. Blah, blah, blah, blah...

Boil it Down Stay Simple

We can grow with you. Our systems are the best available today.

Other No-Nos

Focusing on features, not benefits Too long Too formal Boring Self-Centered Inconsistent Vague Hyped-up Full of typos and other errors

Tips of the Trade Don't worry about being grammatically correct!

Its okay to end with prepositions now and then.

Its okay to Use sentence fragments

Yes you CAN begin with conjunctions

Use one sentence paragraphs? Yep!

Edit Like a Pro

Write your first draft without edits

Read it out loud and edit

Read it again and edit

Remove any extraneous, flowery words

Get to the point

Read it out loud again

Ingredient #3:


Motivate to Act

Motivation is the art of getting people to do

what you want them to do because they want to do it.

Dwight David Eisenhower

34th President of the US

Write to Sell...

Features vs. Benefits = Logic vs. Emotion Don't assume your customer

knows the benefits For each feature ask, "So that...?"

or "So what...?" until you get to the emotion

What's In It for Them?

Make it about BFD

Reach your customer on all levels: Beliefs Feelings


The Power of Emotion

Emotion = Energy in Motion

We always buy for emotional reasons

Don't ignore the logical - we rationalize with logic

Tell a Story

Happily Ever After

Know your customer's #1 itch, burning desire or biggest problem

Show how your solution fulfills the promise

Prove it! Testimonials Guarantees

19 Key Positive Motivators To be liked

To be appreciated To be right

To feel important To make money To save money To save time To make work easier To be secure To be attractive

To be sexy

To be comfortable To be distinctive

To be happy To have fun To gain knowledge To be healthy To gratify curiosity For convenience

3 Key Negative Motivators

Fear Greed Guilt

(Dont Over-use! Can Backfire on You)

Remember: Always Have a Call to Action

Copywriting Checklist Does the copy fulfill the promise of the headline?

Is it interesting?

Is it easy to read? (test!)

Is it believable?

Is it specific?

Is it relevant?

Is there a call to action?



Whats one thing you will implement immediately?

What did you find unclear or want more examples of?

Other burning questions?

Talk to me! @teasilvestre (Twitter)

Yeast for Your Dough