Three Key Ingredients that Help Your Customer Say "Yes!"

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Your website and other digital marketing materials can do a lot of heavy lifting -- IF you give your copy the attention it needs and deserves.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Three Key Ingredients </p> <p>that Help Your Customers </p> <p>Say Yes </p> <p>Hello, Im Tea (aka The Chef) </p> <p> 20+ years in marketing </p> <p> Author of Attract &amp; Feed a Hungry Crowd </p> <p> Passionate about food &amp; stories </p> <p> Proprietress of </p> <p> @teasilvestre </p> <p>Before You Start 1. Make sure you have an </p> <p>AWESOME product that people want/need </p> <p>2. You've done the requisite homework to understand </p> <p> Your Ideal Client The Marketplace Your Competitors </p> <p>Ingredient #1 </p> <p>Get the Eye Balls </p> <p>Theres a LOT of Content Out There </p> <p>We now generate as much information every two days as was generated from the beginning of recorded time to 2003. </p> <p>Eric Schmidt, Google CEO (2009) </p> <p>It Starts with Your Headline </p> <p>Okay headline: </p> <p>Send large files to your friends </p> <p>Better headline (More Specific): The Absolute Easiest Way to Send Super Large Files </p> <p> For More, See: </p> <p>Use Compelling Images </p> <p>Compelling Images </p> <p> Bridge language gaps </p> <p> Capture attention </p> <p> Boost shareability </p> <p> Increase value on social media </p> <p> Take time to find, create (dont rush it!) </p> <p>Ingredient #2 </p> <p>Keep Their Attention </p> <p>Reader Friendly Format </p> <p> Simple language Very specific Scanable Shorter is better than </p> <p>longer </p> <p> Sections Subheadings Sentences 6 to 16 words No jargon! </p> <p>Dont Write Like This </p> <p>ABC Company leverages flexible, scalable financial </p> <p>management systems to improve organizational performance. We use industry-standard methodologies </p> <p>to select and implement best of breed financial systems with inherent functional best practices and leading-</p> <p>edge, industry-specific capabilities needed to effectively adapt to change. Blah, blah, blah, blah... </p> <p>Boil it Down Stay Simple </p> <p>We can grow with you. Our systems are the best available today. </p> <p>Other No-Nos </p> <p> Focusing on features, not benefits Too long Too formal Boring Self-Centered Inconsistent Vague Hyped-up Full of typos and other errors </p> <p>Tips of the Trade Don't worry about being grammatically correct! </p> <p> Its okay to end with prepositions now and then. </p> <p> Its okay to Use sentence fragments </p> <p> Yes you CAN begin with conjunctions </p> <p> Use one sentence paragraphs? Yep! </p> <p>Edit Like a Pro </p> <p> Write your first draft without edits </p> <p> Read it out loud and edit </p> <p> Read it again and edit </p> <p> Remove any extraneous, flowery words </p> <p> Get to the point </p> <p> Read it out loud again </p> <p>Ingredient #3: </p> <p>Persuasion </p> <p>Motivate to Act </p> <p>Motivation is the art of getting people to do </p> <p>what you want them to do because they want to do it. </p> <p>Dwight David Eisenhower </p> <p>34th President of the US </p> <p>Write to Sell... </p> <p> Features vs. Benefits = Logic vs. Emotion Don't assume your customer </p> <p>knows the benefits For each feature ask, "So that...?" </p> <p>or "So what...?" until you get to the emotion </p> <p> What's In It for Them? </p> <p>Make it about BFD </p> <p>Reach your customer on all levels: Beliefs Feelings </p> <p>Desires </p> <p>The Power of Emotion </p> <p> Emotion = Energy in Motion </p> <p> We always buy for emotional reasons </p> <p> Don't ignore the logical - we rationalize with logic </p> <p>Tell a Story </p> <p>Happily Ever After </p> <p> Know your customer's #1 itch, burning desire or biggest problem </p> <p> Show how your solution fulfills the promise </p> <p> Prove it! Testimonials Guarantees </p> <p>19 Key Positive Motivators To be liked </p> <p>To be appreciated To be right </p> <p>To feel important To make money To save money To save time To make work easier To be secure To be attractive </p> <p>To be sexy </p> <p>To be comfortable To be distinctive </p> <p>To be happy To have fun To gain knowledge To be healthy To gratify curiosity For convenience </p> <p>3 Key Negative Motivators </p> <p>Fear Greed Guilt </p> <p>(Dont Over-use! Can Backfire on You) </p> <p>Remember: Always Have a Call to Action </p> <p>Copywriting Checklist Does the copy fulfill the promise of the headline? </p> <p> Is it interesting? </p> <p> Is it easy to read? (test!) </p> <p> Is it believable? </p> <p> Is it specific? </p> <p> Is it relevant? </p> <p> Is there a call to action? </p> <p> Does it PERSUADE? </p> <p>Questions? </p> <p> Whats one thing you will implement immediately? </p> <p> What did you find unclear or want more examples of? </p> <p> Other burning questions? </p> <p> Talk to me! @teasilvestre (Twitter) </p> <p>Yeast for Your Dough </p> <p> </p>