How To Make Social Media Work For Your Organization

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How To Make Social Media Work For Your Organization


<ul><li> 1. Social Media Marketing.How to make this new communicationwork for your organization</li></ul> <p> 2. Only 12% of CEOs think their organization is effectively using social media.- IBM CEO SurveySocial Media Marketing 3. What is Social Media?Social Media Marketing 4. Social Media Marketing 5. What does it mean to do social media?Social Media Marketing 6. Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing is a combination of Community Management Content Development Strategy and Campaign Development Advertising Research and Analytics 7. Whats the point?Social Media MarketingWhat are the goals of social media marketing? 8. Social Media Marketing 9. Social Media MarketingAwareness Be considered Create buzz Can be hard to measure Everyone claims theyre okay with this. But then asks,Whats the ROI 10. Social Media MarketingLoyalty Reaffirm a choice Post-purchase, post-sign up Get people to subscribe to your thinking Long-term nature of social 11. Social Media MarketingSales What most businesses want Easy to prove with E-commerce, harder with brick-and-mortar Rely on coupons, promotions 12. Social Media MarketingCustomer Service Dedicated teams, dedicated accounts Would you ignore a phone call? Communication (and complaints) are evolving Create a process 13. Social Media MarketingInsights Social Listening, Social Monitoring, Trend Forecasting Tools like Radian6, Sysomos, Sprout, etc. or Google Alerts The Pinterest Effect How many of you are selling pumpkin-flavored coffeethis year? 14. The networks.Social Media MarketingWhich ones should we use? What is the next best thing? 15. Consider your goals, audience and resources.Social Media Marketing 16. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VineInstagram, Pinterest, 4sq, Swarm, Path, Snapchat, YelpSocial Media Marketing 17. The Basics: Facebook + TwitterSocial Media Marketing 18. Social Media MarketingFacebook Largest social network in terms of users andbusinesses 1 billion active users Trending older Other networks often follow its functionality (headerimages, advertising model, newsfeed algorithm) 19. Social Media MarketingTwitter 200+ million users Started as a text messaging service for bike delivery 140 characters Its language paves the way 20. Social Media &amp; Content Marketing 21. Social Media MarketingWhat kind of content works best on Facebook andTwitter? Links out to websites recent changes to FBsalgorithm support this Photos still popular Direct CTAs Memes/Humor can go viral Tagging partners, brands, other organizations 22. Social Media MarketingWhat kind of content works best on Facebook andTwitter? (cont.) Videos auto-play on Facebook now Twitter still dominates for live event coverage andbreaking news 23. Social Media MarketingWhat else is FB and Twitter known for? Facebook Insights rivals most paid services Trending topics is a great tool Advertising options Frequency - Facebook you can post less often; Twitteris more disposable 24. Social Media MarketingVisual Content Champs: Instagram, Snapchat + Pinterest 25. Social Media MarketingInstagram Younger audience Most important network Expanded into video, Hyperlapse Content often lifestyle, aspirational Link in profile Less viral nature Hashtags rule 26. Social Media MarketingSnapchat Younger, highly active users The vanishing message has paved the way for otherapps like Secret, Whisper Stories have made it ad-friendly Requires a playful, friendly, humorous tone Still requires a lot of cross promotion 27. Social Media MarketingPinterest Female, older and wealthier Visual bookmarking, virtual cork board Images link back to more content on a website Food and drink is most popular category Viral nature, more so than Instagram and Snapchat Still plagued by legal issues 28. Press Play: YouTube, VineSocial Media Marketing 29. Social Media MarketingYouTube 72 hours uploaded every minute Being used more and more as a video player Cross promotion Channel trailers CTA overlays, end slates Connection with Google+ makes it a strong SEO player 30. Social Media MarketingVine New kid on the block 6-second video format paved the way for Instagramvideo Five vines tweeted every second (reliance on crosspromotion?) Younger demo (18-20, female) Humor, creativity play well 31. Social Media MarketingLocation, Location: Swarm, Foursquare, Yelp, NextDoor 32. Swarm Formerly known as Foursquare Location-based check ins Success requires adoption Privacy concerns Will push-notification offers live on Swarm (the check-in)or Foursquare (the discovery)?Social Media Marketing 33. Social Media MarketingFoursquare, Yelp Reviews, Discovery Opportunity for users to become elites or experts Yelp benefits from community management Lots of competition in the review world TripAdvisor,forums, word of mouse Of note: In 2013, Foursquare was 60% Male 34. Social Media MarketingNextDoor Hyperlocal, neighborhood-based 1 in 4 U.S. neighborhoods Verification process to join Less narcissism, selfies More like a forum Not for commercial use 35. Can I Pay-To-Play?!Social Media Marketing 36. Social Media MarketingSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) vs. Social Advertising 37. Social Media MarketingWhats the difference? SEM, also known as PPC or pay-per-click Google Adwords, Bing Ads Ad served based on keywords searched Success usually measured in clicks, CTR 38. Social Media MarketingWhats the difference? Social Advertising is available on networks likeFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest Ads served based on interests, employment, etc. Less like an ad, and more like content Often higher cost, but targeting is more focused Whats success? Click, like, RT, share. 39. Building the Foundation!Social Media Marketing 40. Brand VoiceSocial Media Marketing 41. Brand VoiceSocial Media MarketingPeople dont buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 42. Brand AttributesSocial Media Marketing 43. Brand AttributesSocial Media MarketingDescribe the brand as if it were a person. 44. Audience ProfilesSocial Media Marketing 45. Audience ProfilesSocial Media MarketingKey pain points, challenges, messages that resonate. 46. Content CategoriesSocial Media Marketing 47. Content CategoriesSocial Media MarketingWhat would your Pinterest boards be? 48. Channel GuidelinesSocial Media Marketing 49. Channel GuidelinesSocial Media MarketingFrequency, tone, popular hashtags, best practices. 50. Content Calendars + ChecklistsSocial Media Marketing 51. Content Calendars + ChecklistsSocial Media MarketingStart with key events, deadlines and work from there. 52. Measurement + AnalyticsSocial Media Marketing 53. Measurement + AnalyticsSocial Media MarketingAnswer the 5 Ws. 54. Thank </p>