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Hey guys! We are back with some new SEO techniques which will help you to make Google happy & rank better in Google Search Engine rankings.


<ul><li><p>How to Make Google Happy?Hey guys! We are back with some new SEO techniques which will help you to make Googlehappy &amp; rank better in Google Search Engine rankings.</p><p>Remember:</p><p>Google ranks the websites better which is having best average time spent on website.</p><p>When the user comes to your website, the two things happen</p><p>1. Either he stick to your website2. Or leave it</p><p>#1 Add Bucket Brigades</p><p>If you want to make people stick to your website, use Bucket Brigades.</p><p>What are Bucket Brigades?</p><p>Look:</p><p>Bucket brigades are the sentences or phrases which keep people stick to your webpage.</p><p>Try to use Bucket Brigades in your content to keep people stick with glue to your site.</p><p>For example: </p><p>#2 Make Google Happy by Adding these Words to your Content</p><p>Now:</p><p>Google is smarter these days &amp; does not care about how many times you use your keywordin your article.</p></li><li><p>But heres the kicker:</p><p> Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. LSIs are the latest fashion saying thewords. </p><p>For example: </p><p>You search for the word Cars on Google. How Google will understand whether youretalking about:</p><p> Cars, the vehicle Cars, the movie Cars, the passenger vehicle Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)</p><p>The answer is LSI keywords.</p><p>When the Google see the pages like this</p><p>It clearly understands that the person is talking about the car we drive. And when Googlecome to pages like this</p><p>It clearly understands what the user wants!</p><p>How you can use LSIs to your content???</p></li><li><p>Its simple:</p><p>First search for the keyword in Google</p><p>Then search for the bold keywords in phrases in Google Searches which you are nottargeting.</p><p>Google bolds the keywords which sounds similar to your query.</p><p>Finally:</p><p>Sprinkle these LSIs in your article.</p><p>#3 Rank 1 in Google with this Copyright secret</p><p>Now:</p><p>Its time to create your own keywords. </p><p>If you search for your brand name, you might come on Rank 1 in searches.</p><p>You might not know, but your brand name is a keyword.</p><p>You can generate loads of traffic when you name your techniques &amp; strategies with yourbrand name.</p></li><li><p>Bottom Line:</p><p>Whenever you use new technique in your products, slap that technique with your brandname.</p><p>When you will do this youll get the changes in the Organic Search Traffic for sure.</p><p>#4 Get More &amp; More Social Shares</p><p>Surely:</p><p>The social media share buttons help you to get shares, but in most cases they dont workenough.</p><p>Instead it is recommended to use A Call to Action Button</p><p>To maximize the shares, include "click to tweet" under each item.</p><p>Heres a deal:</p><p>Time to put these techniques in use, share &amp; make us popular. </p><p>Comments are needed to come up next time with some more Good Chunks!!!</p><p>Source: Rising World Technologies</p></li></ul>