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This is the slide deck from the keynote I delivered at ForumCon 2012 on making more money with Google. I briefly chatted about the history of Google and how Larry Page and Sergey Brin dreamed up Google during their doctoral dissertation as a search algorithmic process based on academic research. I share a simple 5 step strategic plan with the audience and take ques


  • 1.Make More By RankingHigher on GoogleBy Kristopher B. JonesFounder / CEO ReferLocal.comAuthor of SEO Visual Blueprint Kristopher B. Jones Founder / CEO, ReferLocal 877.814.6315

2. About me 2008, 2010 1999 2009 Over 50,000 sold Pepperjam Full Service Internet Marketing / Affiliate Network2009 2011Pepperjam acquired by GSI Commerce in 2009; eBay in 2011.Pepperjam Network powers over 1,500 internet retailers,including Babies R Us, Toys R Us, and the NFL. 2010 2012 Found KBJ Capital in 2010; Invest in 10 early stage technology companies, including,, APPEK, IML, and where Im CEO. 2 3. History of SEOThe Google Guys, Stanford and PageRank 3 4. Larry PageThe Pagerank AlgorithmINTERESTING FACTOID: The name "PageRank" is a trademark ofGoogle, and the PageRank process has been patented. However,the patent is assigned to Stanford University and not to Google.Google has exclusive license rights on the patent from StanfordUniversity. The university received 1.8 million shares of Google inexchange for use of the patent; the shares were sold in 2005 for$336 million.4 5. Want to Make More Money with Google?At its core SEO is about three things Content - and how you shape that content(especially for forum owners) Getting indexed increasing the number ofpages indexed by Google Domain Authority Measured primarily bythe quantity and quality of links pointing toyour site. Think Pagerank.5 6. Your 5-Step SEO Strategic PlanForum Owners: Make More by Ranking Higher on Google6 7. STEP 1: Make Sure Your Web Site isfound by Google!QUICK TIPS: Leverage GoogleWebmaster Tools to identifyand fix issues indexing yourcontent Spoon feed your content toGoogle by submitting amaintaining a site map Optimize your internallinking structure tomaximize content indexing Utilize circular navigation 7 8. STEP 2: Optimize every unique page ofyour Forum for Specific KeywordsQUICK TIPS: Add description to top ofall forum threads focusedon target keywords Target 1-2 keywords perpage / thread maximum Encourage content buildaround target keywords Use target keywords intitle tags on every page8 9. STEP 3: Shape Your Forum Contentaround Target KeywordsQUICK TIPS: Conduct extensivekeyword research toidentify target themesand keywords Shape existing contentaround target keywords;break off existing or startnew threads Trainmoderatorstofacilitate SEO strategybased on targetkeywords. 9 10. STEP 4: Leverage Social MediaQUICK TIPS: Make all of your contentsharable on FB& Twitter Hire a social mediamanager to evangelize toyour forum content Leverage SM to buildbuzz, build links, andgenerate traffic back toyour site Gain additional rankingson Google through video,images, and Tweets10 11. STEP 5: Link BuildingTIP: The more quality links you have pointing back toyourForumthe higher you will rank for target keywords.TIP: Link building is dynamic, ongoing process. 11 12. Interested in Advanced SEO Strategies?Buy my book for $20 Request a free copy of myAdvanced SEO presentation E-mail ORProvide me a business card 12 13. QUESTIONS?