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  • Sell Stuff, Make Money Sell More Stuff, Make More Money
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  • Local Company Announces Record Sales Closes Doors Subscriptions & Ad Revenue Skyrocket Area Newspaper To Stop Printing Enrollment Reaches All-Time High Faculty & Staff Cuts Imminent
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  • I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand - Chinese Proverb -
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  • Teaches Selling As A Profession Focuses On The Skills And Disciplines Necessary To Be A Top Sales Producer Emphasis On Business To Business Selling A Partnership Between NIACC And EPS Ultimate Sales Academy
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  • The Shortage Of Business-To-Business (B2B) Sales Professionals Is Local, Regional, National, & Global USA Is 80% Learner Participation USA Must Be Outcome-Based To Justify $2,650 Per Student
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  • Did your company meet sales plan last year? Will your company meet or exceed sales plan this year? Will your company meet or exceed sales plan next year?
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  • What are you going to do different?
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  • Inability to drive the top revenue line is the #1 challenge for start ups and established companies
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  • North Iowa Area Community College- Founded 1918 3,723 FTEE 5,000 CE courses/year & 75,000 registrations 116,000 Population across 9 counties John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center Founded 1997
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  • Enterprise Performance Solutions Jerry Wells 35 years industry experience President of four companies Sales recruiter and trainer for the Metal Products Division of Armco Numerous sales awards for National Account sales with Armco MBA Management BS Finance AA Engineering Tom Guerdet 33 years industry and training experience Director of sales training for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa Presenter at National Blue Cross Blue Shield sales training program National presenter for several national insurance programs Instructor Simpson College MBA Management MA Speech Pathology BS Business BA Speech Pathology
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  • A Six Day, Comprehensive, Hard Hitting Sales Training Program Designed To Make Sales Professionals Top Performers 6 Figure $elling $kills
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  • Suitable for People New to the Selling Profession AND Experienced Sales People Focused On Business To Business Selling Course Can Be Customized To The Needs of Specific Companies 6 Figure $elling $kills
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  • Ultimate Sales Academy Based On. Solid Research Your Customers Definition Of Value Branding Yourself Selling Your Product Branding Your Company Video Taping Of Participants For Self-Improvement An Intense Behavioral Focus On: PlanningProspecting SalesClosing Follow-Up
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  • Benefits Improved Sales Performance! Consistent Processes And Activity Sets to Improve Upon-- (Consistency comes before Quality) A Reputation Of Quality For Your Sales Force
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  • 6 Figure $elling $kills Course Content Prospecting (10 hours) The Past, The Present, And You (4 hours) The Sales Call (16 hours) Ethics (2 hours) Presentation Skills Your 5 Week Action Plan (8 hours) Personalized Follow-Up (8 hours) ** Over 80 percent of the program is direct participation
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  • 6 Figure $elling $kills Participant Take-Aways 1.Multiple 30 Second Speeches 2.Personal Video: 30 Second Speech & Cold Call 3.Personality Profile And Conflict Profile 4.Multiple Openings For Sales Calls 5.7 Touch Contact Management System 6.Question List For Sales Calls
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  • 6 Figure $elling $kills Participant Take-Aways 7.Handling Objections (Objections List) 8.3 Different Closing Methods 9.Presentation Skills 10. 5 Week Action Plan 11. Continuous Improvement Plan
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  • 6 Figure $elling $kills What Makes This Program Unique? 1.Face-to-Face Interaction 2.80% Participant Action Based 3.Heavy Emphasis on Self-Assessment Based on Video 4.Personalized Follow-Up 5.Specific Take-Aways for Each Participant
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  • 6 Figure $elling $kills Results Comments from a few graduates
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  • Results Techniques You Can Use Immediately Greg LeDuc: I had a meeting/ presentation with a customer this week and I think it went great. I went in with my drill down questions and was able to control the meeting just like I envisioned. Thank you for your help and instruction, there is no way I could have done this without your tutelage. I have another meeting with a different customer on Monday and I am sure I will be prepared and confident.
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  • Results Behavioral Change Richard Miller: From day one, it gets you out of your comfort zone, you get up in front of your peers, youre presenting yourself and presenting your products and (representing) your company... ... just by thinking about how we can constantly reach out and touch those people we try to do business with and how it affects that person- [after using his new skills] I got the person on the right day and he wanted to work with us.
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  • Results Skill Development Kevin Harmon: "I have gained a lot more confidence talking to people, there are definitely good techniques versus bad techniques to presenting your product. I learned how to start up a cold call.... I can just get on the phone now and do it. Its not a problem."
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  • Results Self Discovery/Confidence Kristy Sagdalen King: [USA] helps you figure out your strengths and use your natural advantages to talk to people and talk to them about what you have to offer. The biggest thing is knowing I already have the tools, focusing on them and putting them to good use. Really helped everyone concentrate on their specific companies and how to sell their specific products.
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  • Results Growth & Success Michael Goodwin: "I have had different sales trainings from all over the United States.... but nothing quite like USA. This process not only is good for sales people but for counter people in our company as well. It was a positive experience, very educational and was so effective you could see the room blossom as the weeks went by."
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  • Results Bottom Line Results Randy Cram: As President of the company I have sold the business of architecture for over 30 years. [USA] adds a lot of benefit to how you go out and sell yourself. We were not trained to be sales people, we are trained to solve problems in a professional manner. I would like to have some more people in the office go through it, because everybody is a sales person whether you know it or not....its how you approach it, its good information to understand how to sell!
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  • Results Bottom Line Results Steve Ross: "(As a sale trainer for MCI in the past) USA gives a broad range that you can use in any industry... In the past I had always treated people the same, USA gives you different approaches on how to reach the same destination. I have 4-5 presentations 'in the can' and being able to read a person is the ultimate benefit, you can meet their needs a lot quicker. If you care anything about your success, your companys success....your personal growth....Take this course! It was the best money spent. My return on investment, I am already seeing the benefits of it. Dollar for dollar- the biggest bang for your buck would be with the Ultimate Sales Academy. The skill sets that I am picking up will be useful for me down the years. Eternity Wireless is starting to experience growth in larger markets......we now have 4 customers with 40+ stores in the last month versus 1 a year ago."
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  • Academy Graduates [Positions] Owners & Presidents Sales Managers Outside Sales Representatives 35 years experience to new hires Inside Sales Representatives Tele Marketing Sales Representatives Product Managers Contract Training Sales
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  • Academy Graduates [Industries] Manufacturing Insurance Education Software Architectural Design Services Wholesale Distributors Equipment Related Suppliers Printing Services
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  • 30 Second Speech
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  • Your 30 Second Speech You have a few seconds to make a good impression After you talk for 30 seconds, if your Prospect is interested, he/she will want in Always invite the Prospect in with a question at the end
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  • Your 30 Second Speech In 30 Seconds Tell Me: Who are you Your Company and Product/s What is in it for me (Benefits for the Prospect) Summary Ask a Question
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  • 30 Second Speech Presentations
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  • Customized Courses Customized Courses and Sessions Available Based on Individual Client Requirements
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  • Customized Courses Examples 30 Second Speech 1 Day Prospecting 2 Days Add-On Sales 2 Days Handling Objections 2 Days Closing Skills 2 Days Tele Marketing 2 Days
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  • How to Get Started Contact: Bill Burdick 641.422.4183 All materials copyright protected and property of the Ultimate Sales Academy
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  • Checkout our website


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