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  • 1. PowerPoint
  • 2. Color Coordinate Text colors should always color coordinate with slide backgrounds Match your slides and texts like you match your shoes and clothes Light blue & dark navy blue Grey & Black
  • 3. Unexpected Color Combo Force viewers to read more closely Black text on grey background Red on orange background
  • 4. Neon Catch the audience attention Brighter colors bring back the childhood in us Rainbow Popsicle Remind people of better times
  • 5. Random Pictures Keep the presentation lively Attention catcher Cute baby animals Kittens holding machine guns
  • 6. Text The smaller the font, the more information can fit on each slide. Take advantage of the space Provide the reader with lots of info. Dont want the audience to question the slide Details oriented
  • 7. Font PowerPoint should always be fun and exciting Crazy font entertain the eyes Example: Mr. Smith is the best teacher at RHS Do not procrastinate Fried chicken sounds good right now
  • 8. Text Gather all your information and put it all in one slide. Include lots of details about the information youre presenting Take advantage of the space Give example and add picture if there are room left on your slide
  • 9. Graphics
  • 10. How to present your PPT Read off the slides Show off your carefully planned words If you need to rewind or fast forward slides, go bullet by bullet. Everyone needs review