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With the intention of sharing this small gift, humbly I translated it into the English language. I hope that you should like him...


  • 1. GIIVE GOOD G VE G O O D852105

2. ISBN: 978- 9972-46-425-6Done the Legal deposit inBiblioteca Nacional del Per N.: 2010-05214The first edition:Lima, April de 2010 Andy K. Figueroa CrdenasPrinted: 1000 copiesCentro de Produccin Fondo Editorial Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Calle Germn Amzaga s/n. Pabelln de laBiblioteca Central - Ciudad Universitaria, Lima-PerCorreo electrnico: and layout and impression: Centro de Produccin Editorial e Imprenta CEPREDIM Jr. Paruro 119, Lima 1 - PerTelf.: 619-7000 anexo 6009 Fax: 1004, 6016 Lima, PerReserved rights. Prohibited the reproduction of this publication for any system known without the written authorization of the author, and of the publisher in the present edition. 3. GIVE GOOD ( DAS BIEN ) 4. WelcomeOne day will appear a hand that helps you, said to me someone when I was a child girl. Now, I see in my life and in that of the others that there are so many things to be achieved; so much dreams to be continued; so much love to be given, and to be received; nevertheless, Why to be we ourselves an obstacle to come to these?, Why doing such difficult and painful things to us?... seeing the life as horrible and undesirable; dying every day in our own solitude; in waiting of something that illuminates us, that "saves" us and, brings this happiness longed therefore time I was lucky to meet the young author, and of our nice meeting I would like to share something that is burdened in my heart: "You do not try to finish everything immediately, begins gradually from what you can do I am sure that the messages of this book, as happened to me, it will appear like a hand that can help them to live better, one feels than with everything.Clau Saavedra. 5. Across the history,in different parts of the world, the knowledge has seemed to coincidein certain points; as signs to journey g o o d inthe life. (3.1) 6. Precedents I think in this book, as in the Genesis of the Bible, that the principal misfortune of the man is the solitude.Already in the Genesis, God said it: it is not good that the man is alone.(99) 7. In the life, there can be many obstacles; we should not be the principal one of all.Why to keep on working against ourselves? (9) 8. Many people, regularly, to live turns out to be to us a matter terribly complicated and unbearably. The problems of the world are so incredibly complex,thatoverwhelm us and distress with a sensation of incapability and neglect.Nevertheless,of form surprising -almost miraculous- we continue alive, every day longing for something more kind, simpler and with more felt. (95) 9. We want not to hurt ourselves, feel pain or misfortune, to suffer nor mistake us; then we do not experiment, do not see, do not feel; that is to say, we do not risk. And consequently we do not live, since to live implies an active and continuous commitment. To live supposes making the hands dirty; it implies falling down, going out of one himself, sometimes to suffer a little, to fight, and to work another slightly also; for a good. (95) Not everything has to happen in a supreme happiness level; the pain, the suffering or the sadness are a part of learning to live and mature. (9) The perfection is not an option, only an illusion; here the acceptance and the fondness is important to mature and to live. (9) 10. What I feel, I know, I please, I think, I value, I judge, I want, I dream, I am afraid, I desire, I hate, I do, I hope, I love, what I believe, what I understand; all this and of insurance more -define my person- it is me who is. And it are in constant change. (94)To be a person is necessary to become a person, to exist in process.(94) The knowledge, consists in: of having my open mind; at any place and in any moment, I am starting and this way I understand that I do not know -not at all. (34) 11. There is something that to consider, during journeying or the trip in the life -the rest of the life: it is not necessary to leave aside the possibility of losing the life. (5)Dying is something that we cannot control, to live is something that yes we can try. (42)We must try to live while there is life. (44) 12. What is the essential thing of me? Our body, the pleasure and the perfect use, the knowledge,themoney, the possessions,beautiful children,a recognized work, an ideal couple, to be perfect, anyway.The essential thing; the purest, typical and important thing; extract of the man.Often we forget our fundamental part, our identity; the magic and the marvel of our secret being. Play a role that the society imposesonus, thinking essential to things that they can be obtained paying for them. (24)It is common to toil or to be addicted to these things, and to turn into them also; but, they constitute only the minimal part of what we can be. (52) 13. The search of the pleasure and the perfectsatisfaction is almostan obsessionin our society.The happiness is a part of our life; also it is the despair, the disappointment, the astonishment, and the death; also they are ours. It is not necessary to refuse to experience any of these aspects, it would be like refusing to the life in its entirety. (43)To refuse to experience the pain, the famine, the misery, a desolate look, the despair or the poverty; not only it is to protect us against the life, it is not to know and not to understand the death.(44) 14. That gloomythat for anythe nonexistent thing does not exist. They do not know of what they get lost. (9) The world burns our decisions, our love, our dreams; if we superlive to it we will come out of the life. (7) 15. We all have learned to take decisions, to live, to love and to dream somehow. If one considers incorrectly or painfully the form as he has learned the things and wants to learn in different way, it can do it. There is hope. (24) The decisions, the love and the dreams, like everything; it is something wonderful that step by step we learn. I want to believe that these words can contribute to this cause. (6) 16. I decided to write this book; and of insurance, you decided to read it. (1) (15/06/09)THE DECISION 17. The decision, it is the base of everything, I live. (1) The inevitable whim in which we are. The expression of our -full- freedom that we takes all the time, always; it is a decision. (2) What is elementary, sign of the power, the control; it is the decision. (2) 18. Almost always it is necessary -to decide- to be born again to find the salvation of us ourselves, or to appreciate the beauty and to see what really is, without suspicions nor to feel fears always again to experience what is the life. (9)A decision, it is an act of attention and consent. (94) We have to assume our responsibility of choosing and of defining our life, the biggest good that we have. (88) The opposite case will life us turn out to be foreign to us, an accident. (108) 19. It is difficult to find this proper personality and to support it; and not to say I am like that", but yes say I am changing" and it is wonderful. (94) A decision is an effect and definition -partly- of our affections, feelings and emotions. (114) The environment in which we live and our history in him, it predisposes us to choose and to actuate of certain ways before certain situations. More on having matured; our decisions, our actions and our life go from our conscience, our personal conviction, -own- control and the integration. (94) 20. A well-known action as a consequence, waits without exceptions, after each of our present actions. Nevertheless, the world and the people do not stop threatening with a consequence different from the one that each one had imagined. (88) There is important of the intelligence, the value and the help of others; us not to decide to retire. (89) 21. External forces exist, but what truly imports, is as one reacts -chooses and actuates- one personally before them. Yes it is possible to find exhilaration, in the middle of the despair. (95) We are limited by our senses, our brain, our culture, personal learning, the language and between other things more, the rules of the science. In the previous, as in everything, it is something about what we decide and allow. (52)About the possible thing is possible to decide, of the impossible thing also one can. Deciding is to take a position, a point, in some moment, somewhere. (5) 22. Often it is not easy to decide for the suitable thing, the correct thing, the good thing; there is then necessary the will that changes the world, our world. (3) The will, this force that moves and transforms the world, is the affirmation of the decision all the time. (3) The will, the vital force of the living beings, develops better in a harder environment. (170) 23. We are a handful of decisions, pure will, inhabiting a moment; a small conscience for itself. (5) If your will does not occupy first place it is because there is another stronger will to which it is necessary to win. (5) We are inscribed, in the middle of very strong wills, conditions that commonly lead us to the perdition; that's why for many we have no freedom. (57) 24. It is fundamental -to decide- to be one himself, to avoid being transformed by the environment; nor to be to favor of the stinginess, the meanness, the sadness, the boredom, the impatience or the anger. More yes that one influences these. (96) 25. It is more logical and expected, that one should know who I am; before acting authentically -with me real I- to the others; but, I cannot do it, unless the others help me. (96) 26. We go all over, less to ourselves. (10) One of our first decisions should: "to be yourself, or to choose to be spontaneous. Otherwise, wecan forget who we are or turn out to be shut up in a mental asylum, for keeping quite inside. (13)Perhaps would it be bad be who I am?There is nothing of villain in being yourself. It is necessary to give me permission, it is a