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How To Give a Good Talk. Last Revised on 2012.4.5. Sue Moon Professor Computer Science Department. Why Is It Important?. A Good Talk Is Highly effective means of one-to-many communication Vicious Cycle Good speaker More invitations, more talks, better speeches Bad speaker - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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How To Give a Good TalkLast Revised on 2012.4.5.Sue Moon

ProfessorComputer Science Department1Why Is It Important?A Good Talk IsHighly effective means of one-to-many communication

Vicious CycleGood speakerMore invitations, more talks, better speechesBad speakerIf youre a student : no job interviewsIf you have a job: lose popularity, get fewer invitations, disappears into oblivion

22Know Your AudienceWho are they?What do they want from your talk?Their technical background determines:Academic info vs industry overviewTechnical details vs opinions

33At the PodiumAlways face the audienceHave eye contact with audienceDont show the back of your head to audienceHave your computer monitor right in front of youLook relaxedCheck your idiosyncratic gesturesSwinging, hands in pockets, on waist, or in the backUse moderate amount of gesturesKeep audience alertUse a laser pointer only when necessary

44Your Title SlideIt should be informativeTalk titleLocation and TimeYour work or someone elses?Collaborators?

Any title page should be as informative55Your SlidesBe succinct and descriptiveAvoid full sentencesDo not list only nouns; use action verbs to be descriptiveUse a small # of colorsToo many colors distract audience from main focusUse big fontsReadable without restrainingLimit # of lines per slide

66Graphs, Tables, and EquationsUse as few tables and equations as possibleTables are hard to readEquations are hard to followUse as many graphs as possibleGraphs are easy to read and rememberGraphsMake legends and axis labels big enoughUse animation and figures when possibleIn RGB colors; pastel colors dont always work due to lighting

77Time Your TalkAllocate 1 ~ 3 minutes per slideEvery slide counts and takes up time15 slides for 20 min talk30~35 slides for 40 min talk100+ slides for 1hr-long talk => horriblePrepare transitional comments between slidesKeep audience involvedPlan time for intro & motivationFor talks shorter than 30 minutes, make sure you spend 1/3 of time on intro & motivation

88Prepare Answers to Likely QuestionsAsk yourself 3~5 most likely questionsPrepare backup slides for those questionsIf asked an unexpected questionAnd if you dont have an answerAcknowledge you havent thought about it and thank the person

99Appendix A:Guideline for Your 1st Public Talk10For First-Time Non-Native Speakers[Dry Run #0]Practise run by yourself as minimum courtesy to your fellow dry-run attendees[Dry Run #1]Have the complete set of slides readyExpect lots of structural changesWrite down a script for the first 5 pages** Most pointed-out weaknesses **You dont explain why youre showing me the slideYou dont explain what lesson to take from the slideWhy @beginning and So What? @end

1111For First-Time Non-Native Speakers[Dry Run #2]Incorporate all the commentsRecord your talk and see it for yourselfPhysical peculiarities: body swinging, showing the back of your head to the audience, hands in pockets, hands on your waist, Others: frequent coughing[Dry Run #3]See if you can replace tables with animationsSee if you explain any part better with animationsWrite down a script for the complete talk[Dry Run #4]See if you can escape from the typical monotonous speechFinal check on all the points aboveDo you deliver your enthusiasm about your work?1212You Shall Not Get OnboardBefore You Have Not DoneFour Dry RunsYou SHALL NOT register before a decent dry run Sue Moon13At the Conference[Dry Run #5]Upon arrival in the hotel room by yourself[Dry Run #6]The day before the real talkBy yourself or in front of whoever you can entice1414Youre not the only oneStefan Savage practiced his 1st SOSP talk 5 timesZhi-Li Zhang did more than 7 dry runs of his job talkStefan and Zhi-Li both recorded and watched their talksJeff Mogul still practises his talk whenever possible

1515Appendix B:Non-Native Speakers Disadvantage 16How Harder Do You Have to Work?IMHO, at least 30%In paper writing and presentationIf you have to work harder than 30%Either youre not ready for PhDOr study English intensively for 6 monthsTake a leave of absence!!!How to bridge the 30% gap?So much an advisor can doStart now and invest time for your future

1717Appendix C:Bad Talks

18Opinions about Bad TalkToo many bad talks in local workshops/confsSlides full of diagrams and wordsGraphs w/o proper accreditationNo distinction of originality from related workNo transition between slidesNo why and so whatNo respect for time limitMore of a propaganda than a research talkMore We should than we have doneDont turn into yet another one of them

1919Appendix D:Tips from Fellow Students20 0) slide , animation .1) full script 2) 10 ( )- , non-native speaker . , .--; axis .3) ( konglish .) ( .)4) dry-run 3?5) cheat sheet6) ( ) !7)

0,5,6,7 dry-run comment . .